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[News] More Embedded Linux Support and Adoption (Altera and Genivi)

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Dev kit teaches FPGAs to run Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Altera is shipping a development kit for prototyping and developing FPGAs 
| (field programmable gate arrays) for embedded systems. The Embedded Systems 
| Development Kit, Cyclone III FPGA Edition is a tri-board kit that can program 
| NIOS II softcore FPGAs capable of running Linux, says the company.   


Video: Open Source for Car Infotainment

,----[ Quote ]
| Up to now the automotive branch has not been famous for its engagement in 
| Linux and Open Source. Now the chairman of the new open source alliance 
| Genivi is talking about motives and plans.  



Genivi shows why open source is good for business

,----[ Quote ]
| The automotive industry consortium, Genivi, has been announced. Its aims are
| to produce a common Linux-based stack to run the user-level electronics in
| cars — entertainment, navigation, information systems, and so on. It all
| sounds perfectly sensible, but it's far smarter than that. It's actually a
| good example of why open source is good for business, even outside the
| software industry itself.
| [...]
| It's up to the Genivi Alliance itself to choose which licence it uses for its
| reference stack — parts will be covered by the GPL, at least — but a good
| open source licence will ensure that no one manufacturer in the alliance gets
| to dictate what the others are able to do in their products, and none of them
| will have to pay ongoing or per-product licensing fees just to use the stack.


Open source vs. Microsoft: Automotive battlefield

,----[ Quote ]
| The competition between Microsoft and open-source software reaches into the
| automotive space with the announcement of a new alliance among automakers and
| technology providers called Genivi. The goal of the alliance is to build a
| Linux stack that will provide a common architecture for automotive
| infotainment systems.

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