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[News] Insight Into Next Linux, New Drop-and-Drop Benchmarks Software

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Kernel Log: What's new in 2.6.29 - Part 7: Audio, FireWire, USB, Video and more

,----[ Quote ]
| On Thursday night, Linus Torvalds released an eighth pre-release version of 
| Linux 2.6.29 and hinted that this could be the final 2.6.29 release 
| candidate, with the main development tree now stabilising. He did not, 
| however, completely rule out further pre-release versions, "[...]it seems to 
| be stabilising to the point where I'm hoping that we're approaching a final 
| 2.6.29, and this might be the last -rc. We'll have to see."). Kernel Log is 
| taking this opportunity to complete the "What's coming in 2.6.29" series with 
| an overview of driver news from a range of areas.       


Linux Benchmarking: As Easy As Dragging and Dropping

,----[ Quote ]
| Next month at Phoronix Media we will be introducing version 1.8 of the 
| Phoronix Test Suite. Among a horde of new features, new test profiles, 
| bug-fixes, and much more, there is a Phoronix Test Suite GUI (updated 
| screenshots). The GTK2 GUI is nearly completed already, while additional 
| fine-tuning and new features will come to the interface with Phoronix Test 
| Suite 2.0 later this year.      



Kernel Log: What's new in 2.6.29 - Part 6: Storage, IDE/PATA, SCSI

,----[ Quote ]
| With Linux Torvalds saying 2.6.29 could be available within a week or two,
| the Kernel Log continues its reporting about the new features scheduled for
| 2.6.29 with what's new in terms of storage drivers.

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