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[News] The Five Best Operating Systems

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Five Best Linux Distributions

,----[ Quote ]
| There are many, many Linux distributions, and a lot of unique reasons to like 
| them. Read on to see which open-source operating systems inspired our readers 
| to provide our biggest Hive Five response to date.  


GNU/Linux is still ahead of the competition.


Windows Unix Subsystem finally catches up to Wine

,----[ Quote ]
| This is just some interesting reading you guys might enjoy. It seems, the
| Unix subsystem will give you the ability to create a mixed application able
| to call Win32 and Unix functionality. In effect PSX becomes like wineserver
| and you have to wrap your win32 libs as posix libraries. (sound familure).


Crystal desktop search applet.

,----[ Quote ]
| Over new year, I've been playing around with Strigi and Nepomuk, which are
| the two technologies around desktop search and "making sense of your data".
| Strigi is the underlying library that is used to analyze all sorts of files
| and index those results. Nepomuk provides a semantic layer on top of this
| information, and a nice KDE API for easy integration in applications. While
| Nepomuk is only lately maturing, it shows some nice ways to interact with
| information on your desktop. Nepomuk uses RDF and ontologies to make sense of
| your data. It has the concept of types of data (think of a photo being an an
| image), and how those types relate to each other. It also stores metadata
| (for the photo example, that'd be size, camera model, and so on.

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