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[News] Microsoft Cronies in the Czech Republic Push for Software Patents Hack

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IAM: Europe needs to heed its own patent warnings

,----[ Quote ]
| Only last week the Czech deputy prime minister was saying: "The key to 
| innovation at times of crisis is incentivisation. Lack of IPR can be fatal to 
| SMEs, who are the main drivers of our economy and who, according to many 
| studies, outperform larger firms in terms of technological importance of 
| their innovations." For this reason, he continued, the Czech presidency of 
| the EU is "deeply committed" to finding solutions to the current Community 
| patent and single jurisdiction impasses. It truly is a funny old world; 
| especially in Europe       


There's some form of corruption there (more details below).


Czech Presidency recommends you to buy Microsoft Word

,----[ Quote ]
| The Czech Presidency recommends you to buy Microsoft Word, Excel and
| Powerpoint in other to read what they are publishing.
| [...]
| No need to say that Microsoft is an official sponsor of the Czech
| Presidency...


Microsoft Launches OnMyWay

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has just launched a program called OnMyWay, by which Microsoft will
| offer training and financial help to young people.
| [...]
| I have a working theory for your consideration. I noticed something striking.
| While the ads are being run so far only in those four countries, and it's
| supposed to be a global branding campaign, if you look at who is on the list
| of those who have gotten help from the program already, you see groups from
| the UK, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland and
| Italy. I took a look at how each country on this list voted on OOXML in
| March.
| The Czech Republic, the UK, Germany, Denmark, Finland and Norway all voted to
| approve OOXML.
| This was a change for each of them. In September, the Czech Republic, the UK,
| Denmark, and Norway had voted to disapprove, so this was a change in
| Microsoft's favor. Finland abstained in September, and it voted to approve in
| March as well.


Microsoft, Czech Republic Sign Pact On Licensing And Supply

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer signed the deal with Czech Interior
| Minister Ivan Langer. The agreement is aimed at simplifying the software
| licensing process over the next three to five years.
| Deputy Interior Minister Zdenek Zajicek said the arrangement would save the
| government about EUR28 million.

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