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[News] [Rival] Rumour: Microsoft -- Approaching Debt -- Will Drop Xbox 360 Elite

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] Rumour: Microsoft -- Approaching Debt -- Will Drop Xbox 360 Elite
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 15:04:04 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Report: Microsoft To Take Its $400 Xbox 360 Elite Off The Market

,----[ Quote ]
| Another gaming rumor: Citing the usual unnamed sources, tech website Fudzilla 
| is claiming Microsoft (MSFT) may soon stop offering its $400 Xbox 360 Elite, 
| the super-premium version of its Xbox game console. Sales of the $300 Xbox 
| 360 Pro and $200 no-online play Xbox 360 Arcade would continue.   


Microsoft Refuses Comment on Rumors of Ceasing Production of Xbox 360 Elite


"Xbox 360 Elite" is an oxymoron.


Sony's David Reeves

,----[ Quote ]
| Eurogamer: What's your reaction to the Q3 financial figures?
| David Reeves: On PS3, the target is still 10 million sell-in. PS3 was the
| number one priority, and the Corporation is going to meet that target. We're
| very happy about it overall.
| PSP was not hit so much by demand, but by economic factors. I can only talk
| specifically about Europe, but we've lost volume in Russia. A lot of
| retailers there have been sucked up by oligarchs, and they didn't have the
| financial support. They were not able to buy in the product, even though the
| demand was there.


Microsoft knew about Xbox 360 disc-scratch problem, employee claims

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft knew prior to the Xbox 360’s launch that the console can damage
| discs if gamers tilt the unit while a disc’s spinning inside, documents from
| a lawsuit focused on the problem reveal.
| The revelation was made by Hiroo Umeno, a Microsoft programmer, in an ongoing
| case that was filed with the Seattle District Court in July 2007. The
| plaintiffs are seeking class-action status on behalf of affected gamers, but
| the documents containing Umeno’s confession have only just been unsealed at
| the court, according to a report by website Seattle Tech.


Disgruntled Gamer Sues Microsoft For Scratched Game Discs

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft could find themselves in some hot water if a Madison County,
| Illinois resident has his way.  Jason Johnson is suing Microsoft for what he
| claims is defective hardware in relation to his Xbox 360.  Johnson claims
| that his console has ruined his favorite games and made them 'unplayable' due
| to optical disc scratching.  He claims that his copies of Rock Band, Grand
| Theft Auto IV, and Rock Band 2 all began displaying the "Disc Read Error"
| after extensive use.



Microsoft sued again over Xbox 360 scratched discs

,----[ Quote ]
| Having your games destroyed by your console certainly isn't fun, but is it
| worth $50,000?


Man claims Xbox 360 scratched games in suit against Microsoft


Microsoft admits scratch problem with Xbox 360

,----[ Quote ]
| There hasn't been much discussion on the fact that the problem exists
| by consumers, but untill now Microsoft has always somewhat denied the
| problem and never proposed a solution.
| The Dutch television show Kassa, which deals with customer complaints,
| has been nagging Microsoft about this problem for several weeks, they
| did tests with Xbox360 setups and filmed (and proofed) that the Xbox360
| is indeed responsible for scratching game discs, when not moved, placed
| on a stable table and under the best possible conditions.
| [...]
| The television show also reported that while this issue is now an issue
| in the Netherlands (it is also widely covered in regular news), it
| could become a global problem for Microsoft in the future. Therefore
| I would recommend anyone who is facing the same problem to contact
| their local Microsoft office and point them to this article.


Gears of War disc errors - why the hell is no one covering this?

,----[ Quote ]
| So, we're all just 'unlucky' Mark? Thanks for that. I'm happy for you
| and your console, but what about us? Where are we supposed to turn to
| for help and support? Microsoft wasn't very helpful (ref #102-379-2964)
| any of the times I've called them (I think it's up to three now for the
| same issue - perhaps I'll call again today and check on an update).
| All I know is that if I see that dreaded error message again on my new
| 360 I am going to go absolutely ballistic!!!


Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against MS For Bricked 360s

,----[ Quote ]
| According to Gamespot, the suit seeks a minimum of $10 million in
| damages, depending on how MS decides to defend itself.


Numerous Reports, November 30 Xbox 360 Update Is Bricking Consoles

,----[ Quote ]
| Some consoles are being bricked by Thursday's dashboard update.
| Issues range from freezing, red ring of death and VGA adapterm
| alfunction. Microsoft isn't acknowledging the issue and billing
| $140 for repairs.


Update brick your 360? Speak up

,----[ Quote ]
| Since yesterday's update, there are numerous reports about 360s
| being bricked. Some people suspect that this is being done by
| Microsoft intentionally to stop modders and hackers. Xbox Scene
| thinks it has more to do with certain combinations of hardware
| and firmware.


Autoupdate killed my 360!

,----[ Quote ]
| I was fine yesterday gaming with the VGA cable but after getting
| the autoupdate today, I get a black screen. Does Microsoft test
| these things? My connection to the TV didn't change yet its
| screwed. Thanks for nothing Microsoft.

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