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[News] ODF Rever Spreads to Healthcare, Document Freedom Day Coming Soon

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The Prognosis for Electronic Health Records

,----[ Quote ]
| In the meantime, the policy debate has shifted to a discussion over creating 
| interoperability standards using SOA, middleware, and standard file formats, 
| not unlike the idea behind the Open Document Format (ODF) and the Resource 
| Description Format (RDF) standards for information mediation based on 
| extensile but structured meaning, says Jeff Bauer, a partner in management 
| consulting for ACS Healthcare Solutions.     


Document Freedom Day 09, il 25 Marzo a Milano


Create ODF documents without OpenOffice.org

,----[ Quote ]
| While you can create and save documents in the OpenDocument format using 
| OpenOffice.org, KWord, or AbiWord, there are other ways to generate ODF 
| files. odtwriter, for example, can help you to quickly convert plain text 
| files formatted using reStructured Text markup into odt (OpenOffice.org 
| Writer-compatible ODF) documents. You might wonder why you’d want to create 
| ODF documents this way, but odtwriter does offer a few important 
| advantages... 



VistA now all open source

,----[ Quote ]
| The big open source struggle that began with Linux, moved to enterprise
| applications and then the consumer space, is now pointed directly at the
| heads of doctors and hospitals.
| VistA, the public record EHR and hospital management software created by the
| Veterans Administration, is once again an open source movement with word that
| DSS, its biggest commercial licenser, is switching to the Eclipse Public
| License.

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