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[News] Open Data/FOSS Principles Spread to Geography, Science, Genome

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Geospatial: An Open Source Microcosm

,----[ Quote ]
| General purpose open source software (OSS) has been on the radar of decision 
| makers for almost a decade. Big projects like Linux, Apache, Firefox and Open 
| Office are supported by Fortune 500 companies like IBM and Sun. Everyone 
| knows about open source, it is in their plans, books have been written. In 
| general information technology (IT), there is little more to say about open 
| source.     


Why We Need Open Data

,----[ Quote ]
| The same post gives perhaps the best explanation of why open data is 
| important; it's nominally about open data in science, but its points are 
| valide elsewhere too:  
|     * Science rests on data. Without complete data, science is flawed.
|     * Many of todays global challenges require scientific data. Climate, 
|     Health, Agriculture… 
|     * Scientists are funded to do research and to make the results available 
|     to everyone. This includes the data. Funders expect this. So does the 
|     world.  
|     * The means of dissemination of data are cheap and universal. There is no 
|     technical reason why all the data in all the chemistry research in the 
|     world should not be published into the cloud. It’s small compared with 
|     movies…   
|     * Data needs cleaning, flitering, repurposing, re-using. The more people 
|     who have access to this, the better the data and the better the science. 


Born a Creationist, Merck’s Schadt Leads Open Source Effort to Unravel Genome

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the world’s brightest minds at analyzing human DNA was born into a 
| family of creationists. When he was 17 and graduating from high school in a 
| rural area of southwestern Michigan, Eric Schadt couldn’t even imagine going 
| to college.   
| “My parents were very religious,” Schadt told me on a visit to his office 
| last week. They didn’t emphasize education, and neither did the community, he 
| says. “Higher education just wasn’t something that people looked forward to 
| there. I didn’t really know what college was.”   



Towards an Open Source Legal Operating System

,----[ Quote ]
| An informed democratic society needs open access to the law, but states'
| attempts to protect copyright interests in their laws are a major roadblock.
| This article urges broader access, analyzes the implications and legal
| arguments for and against copyright in the law, and considers strategies for
| access advocacy.


A new era dawns for open source

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source has some specific advantages for New Zealand and in these
| recessionary times. It provides source code for free that can be modified,
| subject only to the provision these modifications must be made available to
| the public. For New Zealand, with its small market, this means customisation
| to meet regional differences can more easily be undertaken. For example,
| American zip codes can be changed to postal codes; VAT can be changed to GST;
| and numeric dates can be set in the correct order.

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