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[News] Ingres Further Empowers Free/Open Source Software in Big Places

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Is Ingres leading an open source 'apps stack'?

,----[ Quote
| With the announcement of an ECM appliance barely a year after its declaration 
| of an integrated business intelligence (BI) solution, open source database 
| vendor Ingres appears to be creating, through partnerships, an 
| alternative 'one-stop shop' for enterprise applications. While the likes of 
| IBM and Oracle may not have to worry yet, given these cost-conscious times, 
| Microsoft - whose price-point is closest to open source - and smaller ISVs 
| need to take note.       


Ingres Says 'I Do' To Facebook Wedding Application 

,----[ Quote ]
| Ingres, supplier of an open source database system, has said "I do" to 
| building a new Facebook application for planning weddings. 
| It now serves as the database underlying a social networking site, Connected 
| Weddings, where the personal interests of friends and relatives may result in 
| their being seated together.   



Ingres, Alfresco debut open-source SharePoint rival

,----[ Quote ]
| Open-source vendors Ingres and Alfresco are teaming up on a software
| appliance that bundles the Ingres database with Alfresco's content management
| platform, hoping the combination will prove to be an enticing alternative to
| Microsoft SharePoint.
| The two vendors have already bundled their products but decided to go a step
| further with the appliance, which adds a Linux operating system and can be
| installed on commodity hardware, said Deb Woods, vice president of product
| management at Ingres.


Red Hat, Ingres Put Twist On LAMP Developer Stack

,----[ Quote ]
| Ingres and Red Hat have teamed up to produce an open source software stack
| for developers who want to use JBoss Studio development tools to build an
| application that requires a transaction processing database.


Ingres 9.2 Offered With Ease Of Use Enhancements

,----[ Quote ]
| Software provider Ingres this week made available Ingres Database 9.2, an
| open source database with improved reliability and ease of administration.
| Release 9.2 was made available Nov. 18 for free download from the company's
| download site. Upgrading from previous releases is a simplified and automated
| task that doesn't require reloading the data in the system, Ingres CEO Roger
| Burkhardt said. The release is being offered about a year after the
| announcement of 9.1.



Ingres Breaks the Ice With BI Appliance

,----[ Quote ]
| The Icebreaker BI Appliance is actually a tightly woven combo of the Ingres 
| database integrated with Linux business intelligence software from open 
| source-based JasperSoft, and Linux-enabling technology from application 
| builder rPath.   


Ingres Attempts to Break up Database Market with Icebreaker

,----[ Quote ]
| Question: Why did Ingres go with rPath's Linux distribution?
| Lyman: This seems to be a case where rPath made sense because of
| its experience in providing a lean Linux suited for integration
| with other software to make an appliance. rPath specializes in
| purpose-built versions of Linux for appliances, and VMware also
| offers an appliance that is a combination of rPath Linux and
| SugarCRM, for instance.


Ingres Polishes Database-Linux Package

,----[ Quote ]
| Businesses will soon be able to try out a new product from Ingres
| that aims to reduce maintenance work by combining the company's
| open-source database with a version of Linux from rPath.

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