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[News] Why Free Software Development and Communities Trump the Come petition

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The beauty of Free Software Development and Free Software Community

,----[ Quote ]
| Free Software Community is fundamentally a meritocracy where you get judged 
| by your contribution and your capability. It is not that people are ruthless 
| and look only from the meritocratic perspective. On the contrary people are 
| normally ready to help you while you are out there. When you face problems 
| somebody would guide you towards a solution. Experts will normally help you 
| move in the path towards expertise. When you make mistakes people will 
| criticize you, but then they will also tell you how to rectify your errors, 
| and would probably also help you rectify your errors.       


On Medieval Barbering, Wal-Mart and One Size Fits All With Health IT

,----[ Quote ]
| How is it possible that the Veterans Affairs hospitals and clinics 
| computerized themselves very effectively as far as anyone can tell without 
| proprietary EMR's and proprietary EMR vendors? That a large reason for their 
| success is that they made a conscious decision long ago to do something that 
| pre-dates Free/Open Source and looks very much like Free/Open Source? Or is 
| this yet another instance of 'one size does not fit all'? For the VA, one 
| size very much does fit all as long as software freedom is safeguarded in 
| both the hospitals and clinics with demonstrable superiority.         



A Different VistA for the NHS?

,----[ Quote ]
| As I noted earlier last year, the Open Health Tools Foundation mentioned
| above was actually co-founded by a group of organisations including NHS
| Connecting for Health. This latest move of DSS should strengthen the OHT
| Foundation enormously, and make VistA even more attractive to healthcare
| providers around the world - including the NHS. Could this be the straw that
| finally broke the proprietary camel's back in UK healthcare? What will be the
| NHS's, er, view?

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