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[News] Overview of Video Converters for GNU/Linux, Gallium3D to Gain OpenGL 3.0

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3 Must Have Video Converters for Linux

,----[ Quote
| You’re a Linux user and you want to convert videos from DVD to iPhone or 
| convert video files in flash format to stream online, what are you choices? A 
| few years back you were stuck with command line only utilities like FFmpeg, 
| which works great but doesn’t offer the ease of use found in GUI 
| applications. Now with the popularity of Linux, you have 3 great GUI 
| applications that can easily handle all your video converting needs.     


VDPAU + OpenGL 3.0 On Gallium3D This Summer?

,----[ Quote
| This is the fourth year that the X.Org project will be participating in 
| Google's Summer of Code project. In the past we have seen work like Generic 
| Gallium3D Video Decoding using a graphics card's shaders to assist in video 
| decoding no matter the hardware vendor. This year there are a few interesting 
| possibilities.     



LiMo-ready Linux stack goes 3D

,----[ Quote ]
| Access is demonstrating its Access Linux Platform (ALP) 3.0 at Mobile World
| Congress in Barcelona. The new LiMo-compatible "advanced UI" mobile ALP stack
| leverages Open GL-ES 2.0 to offer 3D special effects, and introduces a
| standardized API that splits logic from presentation layers, says Access.


AMD Catalyst 9.1 Brings OpenGL 3.0

,----[ Quote ]
| AMD has just released its first official Catalyst driver update for the new
| year. AMD had delivered several key improvements to their proprietary Linux
| driver stack last year as we shared in our AMD Linux 2008 Year in Review, but
| what's there to get excited about in Catalyst 9.1? Well, first and foremost
| there is improved Composite support during video playback, Hybrid CrossFire
| support, and a number of fixes. Oh, and there's also OpenGL 3.0 support!


NVIDIA 180.08 Beta Driver Adds In OpenGL 3.0

,----[ Quote ]
| Less than a week after releasing the NVIDIA 180.06 Linux display driver,
| NVIDIA has released a new set of beta drivers for their supported alternative
| operating systems. NVIDIA has released the 180.08 driver, which adds in
| OpenGL 3.0 support and contains fixes for their new video acceleration API.


NVIDIA Delivers Beta OpenGL 3.0 Linux Driver

,----[ Quote ]
| The OpenGL 3.0 and GLSL 1.30 specification were released back in August
| during SIGGRAPH 2008. Just days later NVIDIA had delivered a beta driver for
| Windows that added OpenGL 3.0 functionality, but Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris
| users were left in the dark. Two months later though NVIDIA has now published
| a beta Linux driver that implements most of the latest GL/GLSL specification.


SGI Further Opens Its OpenGL Contributions


SGI relicenses OpenGL: "A huge gift to the free software community"

,----[ Quote ]
| After nine months, an open secret can finally be acknowledged: The OpenGL
| code that is responsible for 3-D acceleration on GNU/Linux, which was
| released by SGI in 1999, has been running on licenses that were accepted by
| neither the Free Software Foundation (FSF) nor the Open Source Initiative.
| Today, however, the FSF has announced that the licenses in question, the SGI
| Free License B and the GLX Public License, have been rewritten after months
| of negotiation between the FSF and SGI. The problem is now resolved, and the
| result is a code contribution that the FSF ranks as one of the greatest given
| to the community by a proprietary company.


Thank you SGI, for freeing the GNU/Linux 3D desktop!

,----[ Quote ]
| In January of 2008, software code at the heart of GNU/Linux 3D applications
| was discovered to be non-free—a potential disaster for free software
| advocates hoping to see advanced graphical acceleration now common on modern
| operating systems.


Unigine Tropics Sets Linux OpenGL Precedence

,----[ Quote ]
| Unigine Tropics is set around a tropical environment (hence its name) and it
| runs through various scenes of an island during both the day and night. Some
| of its technical features though include a dynamic sky with light scattering,
| live water with a surf zone and caustics, special materials for vegetation,
| HDR rendering, parallel split shadow map for the sun, depth of field, and
| real-time ambient occlusion. Whether you are interested in benchmarking or
| not, this is one impressive graphics demo just to watch -- permitting your
| graphics card can handle it!


OpenGL 3.0 - A Big Step in the Right Direction

,----[ Quote ]
| GL 3.0 takes two important steps to moving open standard graphics forward in
| a major way. The first is to provide core and ARB extension access to the new
| and exciting capabilities of hardware. The second is to create a roadmap that
| allows developers to see what parts of core specifications will be going away
| in the future, also providing the OpenGL ARB with a way to introduce new
| features faster.


OpenGL 3 Announced

,----[ Quote ]
| The OpenGL Architecture Review Board officially announced OpenGL 3 on August
| 8th 2007 at the Siggraph Birds of a Feather (BOF) in San Diego, CA.
| [...]
| OpenGL 3 is a true industry effort with broad support from all vendors in the
| ARB. The OpenGL 3 specification is on track to be finalized at the next
| face-to-face meeting of the OpenGL ARB, at the end of August.

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