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[News] Warner Music is Attacking Babies to Defend Its Precious 'IP'

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Warner Music attacks babies 

,----[ Quote ]
| Warner Music's war on fair use has sunk to new lows, with the company sending 
| takedown notices to YouTube over videos in which babies and toddlers interact 
| with music in adorable ways...  



Hey, Warner, Leave those Kids Alone

,----[ Quote ]
| Last month we reported that Warner Music Group was using YouTube’s Content
| I.D. (aka Video I.D.) tool to effectively censor myriad fair uses. We asked
| people to contact us if they needed legal help and  put up a YouTube removal
| primer to give folks information about their options. As a result we’ve seen
| beautiful film montages set to music, videos to assist the hearing impaired,
| and many other examples of amazing artistic talent that have been censored by
| Warner Music.



File Sharing Lawsuits at a Crossroads, After 5 Years of RIAA Litigation

,----[ Quote ]
| It was five years ago Monday the Recording Industry Association of America
| began its massive litigation campaign that now includes more than 30,000
| lawsuits targeting alleged copyright scofflaws on peer-to-peer networks.
| [...]
| Today, the RIAA -- the lobbying group for the world's big four music
| companies, Sony BMG, Universal Music, EMI and Warner Music -- admits that the
| lawsuits are largely a public relations effort, aimed at striking fear into
| the hearts of would-be downloaders. Spokeswoman Cara Duckworth of the RIAA
| says the lawsuits have spawned a "general sense of awareness" that file
| sharing copyrighted music without authorization is "illegal."


Warner teams up with 7digital to provide DRM-free music

,----[ Quote ]
| The move is quite a kick in the teeth for Apple's Itunes, as the DRM free 
| MP3's can be played on almost all digital devices including the iPod. The 
| move makes UK-based music download site 7 Digital the first major European 
| download source offering Warner Music and EMI tracks in the MP3 file format. 
| They are also rumoured to be in discussions with Sony BMG and Universal.    

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