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[News] Venezuela Embraces OpenDocument Format and Other Real Standards

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Insight into Venezuela’s Commitment to Open Standards

,----[ Quote ]
| We have reported extensively about the Venezuelan government’s support of 
| open formats in the area of information technology. But it was only recently 
| that the National Center of IT (CNTI) made it mandatory for the public sector 
| to use open formats (ODT, ODS, ODP, ODG). This requirement was published in 
| Venezuela’s Official Journal, giving it more formality since it was 
| distributed to the public and made official.     



Every child in Portugal and Venezuela will have open source

,----[ Quote ]
| The Magelhaes (Magellan) initiative of the Portuguese government is giving
| every child in the country an Intel Classmate PC for 50 euros - and they are
| dual-boot machines running XP and a local Linux called Caixa Magica.


Venezuela adopts ODF for government

,----[ Quote ]
| Venezuela joins a growing list of countries which have adopted the open
| format as a method for exchanging documents within government and with
| citizens. These countries include fellow South Americans Uruguay and Brazil,
| as well as Malaysia, South Africa and Belgium.
| The ODF Alliance previously listed 14 national governments and eight
| provincial governments as having adopted the ODF standard, with Venezuela
| adding more South American weight to the list.


Venezuela Gets It

,----[ Quote ]
| No matter what else you may think of Hugo Chávez (probably bad if you get
| your information from the U.S. mainstream media, probably good if you get it
| elsewhere), it appears that Chávez and Venezuela understand both education
| and Linux.


Classmate PC gets a boost with million-unit Venezuelan order

,----[ Quote ]
| The Classmate PC units that will be distributed to schools in Venezuela and
| Portugal will ship preinstalled with a custom flavor of the Linux operating
| system.




Venezuela and the Hackers’ Revolution

,----[ Quote ]
| The Third International Forum on Free Knowledge was recently held in
| Maracaibo, Venezuela, bringing together many people interested in the
| development of free software worldwide. One reason Venezuela chose to host
| this event is that, in January 2006, their new free software law came into
| effect, which mandates that all government agencies migrate to free software
| over a two-year period.    
| [...]
| The Venezuelan revolution is perhaps the first revolution in history saved by
| computer hackers and is one of the reasons the government is so very strong
| on promoting the use of free software, particularly in public administration.
| The Venezuelan government wishes never again to have vital infrastructure
| held hostage or sabotaged by agents of foreign nations.    


Ecuador migrates to Free Software and Open Standards

,----[ Quote ]
| On April 10, 2008, Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa Delgado signed a decree
| ordering that the software used by public administrations in the country be
| free software (and implicitly based on open standards). Fuller story in
| Spanish...  


Venezuela Launches Sale of "Bolivarian" Computers

,----[ Quote ]
| The new computers will run the open-source Linux operating system
| and will first be used inside the government "missions" and state
| companies and institutions but eventually are expected to be sold
| across Venezuela and Latin America.


Ubuntu takes advantage

,----[ Quote ]
| Well, I'm very proud to announce that another Venezuelan institution
| of the government, take our recommendation and then we deploy more of
| 700 HP PCs with Ubuntu and 150 IBM Laptops with Kubuntu.


Venezuela - Stepping Forward With Debian

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the shining examples has been the Venezuelan Patent
| Office, or Servicio Autonomo de Propiedad Intelectual(SAPI).
| In a country that does not recognise software patents, nor
| biological patents, the Debian Linux distribution has been
| used as the foundation stone for the system that will store
| information about both Venezuelan and Cuban patents and can
| store up to 9.5TB of data.


No rush for open source technology

,----[ Quote ]
| Brazil, China, Norway and Venezuela have all recently changed to
| open source too, but mostly because of cost saving, not espionage.
| [...]
| The truth is you don't really own proprietary software, you just rent
| it. You can actually buy open source solutions, and they are yours to
| do with as you wish.


Venezuela and India appeal OOXML ratification

,----[ Quote ]
| Jesper Jerlang, the director of standardisation for Dansk Standard, the
| official Danish national standards body, told ZDNet.co.uk on Monday that
| Dansk Standard "did not agree" that processes had not been followed in the
| Danish OOXML voting process.


Venezuela Joins Line Appealing OOXML Standard Approval

,----[ Quote ]
| Venezuela has joined the list of countries that have lodged appeals against
| the adoption of an international standard based on Microsoft's Office Open
| XML (OOXML) file format.
| [...]
| By Monday, though, the IEC had relaxed its interpretation of the directive:
| Venezuela's appeal, although filed after May 29, "was filed within the two
| months of the BRM [ballot resolution meeting] closing so that it is being
| accepted. (The BRM closed on 29 March 2008 so the interpretation is that the
| last calendar day of May is being applied)," Buck wrote in an e-mail.
| [...]
| Computerworld Denmark reported Friday that Denmark filed an appeal with the
| ISO, although spokesmen at the IEC and ISO would not confirm that.
| "I have no confirmation of the Danish report and cannot comment further on
| that," the IEC's Buck said Monday.

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