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[News] Apple Pollutes the Web with Intellectual Monopolies

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Apple's patent exclusion could roil Web standards

,----[ Quote ]
| On March 5 Apple dropped a small bombshell on the World Wide Web Consortium 
| (W3C) standards body, excluding one of its patents from the W3C Royalty-Free 
| License commitment of the W3C Patent Policy for Widgets 1.0. The patent in 
| question covers automatic updates to a client computer in a networked 
| operating environment.    


Apple also fought against Ogg. The fiends.


Ask Apple to Support Ogg on iPod/iTunes

,----[ Quote ]
| Please ask Apple to support Ogg on their iPods, iPhones, and iTunes! It
| wouldn't hurt to also sign this petition (and maybe this one), though I don't
| know how strongly they'd influence Apple. Here's why, as good news and bad
| news.


Apple copies Microsoft tactics in Itunes row

,----[ Quote ]
| Sam Odio, operator of bluwiki, did what Jobs' Mob demanded only because he
| said he lacked the money to take on the fruit-themed toymaker.
| He told AP that, when a lawyer calls you up and implicitly threatens
| litigation that would bankrupt your little project, you obviously have no
| choice but to comply.


35 Days Against DRM — Anti-DRM actions

,----[ Quote ]
| We'd like to get a physical presence on your local main street and outside
| major DRM retailers -- activists from all over the world, coming together to
| inform citizens of the dangers of DRM. We will have leaflets and signs that
| you can print, use and distribute. Encourage your local free software user
| group, chapter of Students for Free Culture and other anti-DRM activists to
| join you. We will post your event on DefectiveByDesign and others can sign-up
| to join you.



Nokia to W3C: Ogg is proprietary, we need DRM on the Web

,----[ Quote ]
| But remember, that's not what Nokia is objecting to: they are arguing that 
| Ogg is proprietary (it isn't) and that DRM should be part of a Web standard 
| (it shouldn't).   


Microsoft urges Nokia to offer Windows Mobile devices

,----[ Quote ]
| While Nokia phones don’t yet have a Windows OS, they do use a range of other 
| Microsoft software. This includes ActiveSynch for connecting to Exchange 
| Servers and the PlayReady DRM technology used to protect purchased music and 
| video content.   
| Starkweather said the existing relationship between the two companies was 
| strong and he was enthusiastic about it developing further in the future. 
| “We work closely with Nokia and we would love to have them go all the way,” 
| he said. “It’s something we talk about all the time.”  


Nokia dismisses Google open source Android platform

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia's CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo dismissed Android saying his company had 
| already ventured down that path.  "Conceptually, we [Nokia] could have made  
| that announcement a long time ago." 


Is Nokia Looking for Revenue in the Wrong Places?

,----[ Quote ]
| He proposed that iPod and iTunes was an exception, and would be eclipsed by a 
| Nokia/Microsoft (MSFT) partnership in short order.  
| [...]
| That conversation echoes the one that nearly every music player manufacturer 
| on the planet has had to date. And Microsoft's DRM and poor business 
| decisions has managed to undermine the business of every single one of them, 
| especially now that Microsoft's Zune competes with them and yet isn't 
| compatible with Microsoft's own PlaysForSure music software.    


Nokia to put Microsoft PlayReady onto S60 & S40 cellphone platforms 

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia is to support Microsoft's PlayReady content access technology into the 
| Nokia S60 and Series 40 mobile device platforms, starting in 2008. 


Microsoft: We Like DRM

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