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[News] An Impressive Look at KDE Plasma

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Plasma dev team rocks

,----[ Quote ]
| Yesterday I updated KDE SVN. So, I have the latest dev stuff on my box again. 
| Upon logging in, I was greeted by the new look of plasma. 
| First of all, congrats to the artists. The AIR theme (of course a work in 
| progress) looks bloody good. 




,----[ Quote ]
| Plasmoids in KDE 4.3 will be a lot easier and nicer to make as a result of
| these people using it and giving us feedback. Between now and then we're
| starting to see the beginnings of some cool little widgets written in Python,
| Ruby and Javascript.


More on Plasma in 4.3

,----[ Quote ]
| Coming out of Tokamak, the Plasma team has been setting goals for 4.3,
| putting together Summer of Code ideas and writing code for 4.3 that generally
| kicks ass and takes names later. Expect noticeable improvements to extenders,
| theming, layout flexibility, performance and general
| I-can't-believe-it's-not-butter-ness.
| A few big picture things we're also starting to focus on in a more serious
| fashion now that the 4.0->4.2 journey is firmly lodged in the year known as
| 2008 include (other than content creation tools, which I covered in my last
| blog entry) the educational desktop, a netbook/MID appropriate interface and
| a simple media center mode for the traditional desktop set up.


New Plasma themes, new Qt, new Lancelot

,----[ Quote ]
| First I would like to point out that there are two new Plasma themes on
| kde-look. Well, at least two *my* new themes. Or to be even more precise,
| there is one new theme and one old that is new. Or new that is old. Or one
| theme… OK, I’ll stop now.
| One of the themes is Spoons, which is now named Spoons Original, and is
| currently the oldest Plasma theme in existence (that’s why I couldn’t really
| say that there is a new theme on kde-look).


Plasma Team Looks at the Future

,----[ Quote ]
| Over the last weekend, the Plasma team held their second meeting in Porto,
| Portugal. The meeting was organised by Akademy Award winner Nuno Pinheiro
| inviting the Akademy Award-winning Plasma team to his home country. The
| meeting was kindly hosted by the Departamento de Engenharia Informatica
| (Department of Software Engineering) of the Instituto Superior de Engenharia
| do Porto. The Plasma team (and most probably many of the KDE users) are
| grateful for being provided this opportunity to collaborate on the desktop.


Plasmoid prognostication

,----[ Quote ]
| Plasmoids and maybe Plasma (or derivatives) itself on everything from 3'
| phone screens to 30' LCD panels, with every size of netbook and laptop
| inbetween.  This, gentle readers, is why you stay forward thinking on
| technology (Plasma framework decisions) and keep your usability experts
| happy.  This can and will be massive.


Crystal desktop search applet.

,----[ Quote ]
| Over new year, I've been playing around with Strigi and Nepomuk, which are
| the two technologies around desktop search and "making sense of your data".
| Strigi is the underlying library that is used to analyze all sorts of files
| and index those results. Nepomuk provides a semantic layer on top of this
| information, and a nice KDE API for easy integration in applications. While
| Nepomuk is only lately maturing, it shows some nice ways to interact with
| information on your desktop. Nepomuk uses RDF and ontologies to make sense of
| your data. It has the concept of types of data (think of a photo being an an
| image), and how those types relate to each other. It also stores metadata
| (for the photo example, that'd be size, camera model, and so on.

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