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Re: Computers with Free Software Installed Save a Fortune

On Mar 11, 9:49 pm, "DFS" <nospam@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> > Hash: SHA1
> > Pricing Free Software
> > ,----[ Quote ]
> >> GNU TOOLCHAIN: $600.
> >> GNU OPERATING SYSTEM: $800-$1200 - complete and using a GNU kernel.
> >> LINUX KERNEL: $300.
> >> GNU/LINUX: $1000-$1500.
> >> Much more free software is worth a pretty penny, but, the software
> >> we listed above is free software. Free software is something that
> >> has to exist, and thankfully it does. So we don't have to pay a cent
> >> for this software, and we are free to do with it as we please,
> >> excluding AVG. Free software should stay free, the GNU General
> >> Public License (GPL) helps with that. If you're a software
> >> developer, please consider releasing your source code under the GPL
> >> or something like the GPL.
> >> With that being said. It's possible for our prices to be biased,
> >> because of the positive impression they have for letting us be free,
> >> to use, modify, redistribute, and even sell the software.
> >> And, the price we would pay for free software may not be what you
> >> would pay for free software, this article is our budget for such
> >> software. Please feel free to leave a comment with what you would be
> >> willing to pay.
> > `----
> >http://www.inatux.com/articles/Pricing%20Free%20Software
> The fact is, the freetard wouldn't pay one red cent if they weren't free.
> Talk's cheap, and so are Linux users: "$15 for ONE application is damned
> expensive", Sylvester.n.Twe...@xxxxxxxxx, cola cheap-ass, 7/5/05
> Want more support for my claim?  Sure thing:
> http://files.opensuse.org/opensuse/en/6/6c/Opensuse_survey_102_data_f...
> * 78% download it for free
> * 85% do nothing but use the software (ie no contributing or bug reporting,
> etc)

OpenSuSE is one of the worst GNU/Linux distributions there is. They
have their priorities in the wrong places. Ubuntu on the other hand is
awesome, so is fedora, but I don't like KDE, so. Anyways.

Of course 78% of them download it for free, it's FREE. Normal SuSE
isn't, but that's not what you're talking about. And, there wasn't
even the choice of saying you paid for it. Mainly because they can
charge for it.

And, GNU/Linux users are not cheap, we like being free, to do with OUR
software as we please. You decay with your proprietary software than.

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