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[News] East Texas Maintains Status as Patent Trolls Sewer

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Why East Texas Judges Just Gave Patent Holders Incentives To Sue More

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| Earlier this year, we noted that the judges in East Texas were actually 
| transferring some patent lawsuits out of the court, following a ruling from a 
| year ago at the appeals court level (CAFC) telling the district courts to 
| move cases to where they were more "convenient." For a few months, however, 
| various patent attorneys have been saying to keep watching, and that the 
| folks in East Texas, who know they have a good thing going, will come up with 
| ways to keep more cases in their favorite courthouse. And... that appears to 
| be happening. In a few recent rulings in Marshall, Texas, Judge Ward has 
| denied attempts to move the cases to more convenient locations, sometimes 
| challenging the question of whether or not they really were more 
| convenient -- but the reasoning doesn't pass the sniff test.           


More disputes over software patents in Europe and in the US

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| Over the next few months, significant decisions will be made, both in the US 
| and in Europe, concerning the patentability of software and of business 
| practices, decisions which are already casting shadows. Concluding at the end 
| of April, the Enlarged Board of Appeal at the European Patent Office (EPA) is 
| conducting a consultation about the patentability of computer programs. The 
| board hopes that the consultation will help with the processing of the 
| referral by EPA President Alison Brimelow to clarify open questions 
| concerning the controversial interpretations of the European Patent 
| Convention (EPC). The questions refer to Article 52, which states 
| that "programs for computers as such" are not to be regarded as inventions 
| and are therefore excluded from patentability.          



Some Patent Lawsuits Getting Moved Out Of East Texas

,----[ Quote ]
| However, it does look like the Federal Circuit is at least somewhat paying
| attention to this issue, and recently transferred a patent infringement
| lawsuit out of Marshall, Texas, to Ohio, after noting that Ohio was "far more
| convenient."

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