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[News] Time to Use GNU/Linux in Australia... Government Wants to Crack Windows

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Australian police may get hacking powers

,----[ Quote ]
| The government of the Australian state of New South Wales has unveiled plans 
| to give state police the power to hack into computers remotely, with owners 
| potentially remaining in the dark about the searches for up to three years.  
| The new powers are part of a package introduced into parliament last week by 
| Premier Nathan Rees. Broadly, they aim to give police the right to apply for 
| covert search warrants from the Supreme Court to gather evidence in cases 
| that could involve serious indictable offenses punishable by at least seven 
| years' imprisonment.     



Microsoft-China GSP Deal: Perjury OR Treachery?

,----[ Quote ]
| NZheretic writes "In May, under oath at the antitrust hearing Jim Allchin,
| group vice president for platforms at Microsoft, stated that disclosing the
| Windows operating system source code could damage national security and even
| threaten the U.S. war effort. Now in February, Microsoft signed a pact with
| Chinese officials to reveal the Windows operating system source code. Bill
| Gates even hinted that China will be privy to all, not just part, of the
| source code its government wished to inspect. Either Jim Allchin lied under
| oath, to prevent code revelation being any part of the settlement, OR the
| Microsoft corporation is behaving traitorously, by exposing national security
| issues to foreign governments"


Gates reveals Windows code to China

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft on Friday signed a pact with the Chinese government to reveal the
| Windows source code, making China among the first to benefit from its program
| to allay the security fears of governments.
| In addition, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates hinted that China will be privy to
| all, not just part, of the source code the government wishes to inspect.
| The Chinese government and military have previously stated their preference
| for the rival Linux operating system because its source code is publicly
| available.
| [...]
| Last month, it announced GSP agreements with Russia, NATO and the United
| Kingdom. Microsoft is in discussions with more than 30 countries, territories
| and organizations regarding the program.


Cryptome: NSA has access to Windows Mobile smartphones

,----[ Quote ]
| First time in history Cryptome.org has released information about the
| characteristics of NSA’s network surveillance.


Dual_EC_DRBG Added to Windows Vista

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has added the random-number generator Dual_EC-DRBG to Windows
| Vista, as part of SP1. Yes, this is the same RNG that could have an NSA
| backdoor.
| It's not enabled by default, and my advice is to never enable it. Ever.


Microsoft Cofee brews 'back door' fears

,----[ Quote ]
| The assurances came after reports claiming that Cofee could provide a 'back
| door' into Microsoft operating systems and applications.

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