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[News] Phone Makers Turn to Open Source Eclipse for Development

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Major handset makers to collaborate on Eclipse dev tools

,----[ Quote ]
| A group of major mobile phone handset makers aim to simplify mobile 
| application development by working together to create a standard set of 
| development tools on top of Eclipse, a popular open source integrated 
| development environment (IDE).   
| Eclipse, which was originally created by IBM to provide a robust IDE for Java 
| development, is now managed by the non-profit Eclipse Foundation and has 
| become one of the most widely used development tools in the software 
| industry. Eclipse is highly extensible by design and the source code is 
| available under the permissive Eclipse Public License. These factors have 
| made it a useful starting point for numerous companies that have adapted it  
| for their own SDKs and custom development environments.     



Eclipse framework overshadowing proprietary embedded tools

,----[ Quote ]
| It may still take a few years to solidify its position, but Eclipse appears
| to be on the way to overshadowing proprietary embedded tool chains.


Eclipse Expands Open Source Technologies for Embedded and Mobile Developers

,----[ Quote ]
| The Eclipse Foundation today announced new initiatives to develop open source
| technologies for embedded and mobile developers. The new initiatives, part of
| the Eclipse Device Software Development Platform (DSDP) Project, make it
| easier for developers to debug, manage and deploy software on embedded and
| mobile devices. These new projects build on the continued success the Eclipse
| community has had in creating open source technology for the embedded and
| mobile industry.      


AMD Unveils Open Source Eclipse Plug-In

,----[ Quote ]
| AMD announced a new plug-in that provides the Eclipse community with
| increased performance management and monitoring of Java software code.
| Called “CodeSleuth,” this new plug-in delivers the functionality of AMD’s
| CodeAnalyst Performance Analyzer, a suite of tools that analyze software
| performance on AMD processors, including Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors.    


Ingres in two bundling deals

,----[ Quote
| Ingres is looking to make life easier for developers with a couple of
| announcements. It has teamed up with enterprise content management company
| Alfresco to produce an integrated software bundle allowing users to have a
| simple way to implement ECM and a database at the same time. Ingres has also
| announced a bundle that will enable developers to create Java applications
| using the Eclipse Foundation's open-source development framework.    


Linux vendor bags top Eclipse award

,----[ Quote ]
| The Eclipse Foundation awarded its EclipseCon 2008 Technology Awards
| yesterday, and named Wind River Workbench (pictured at left) as the "Best
| Commercial Eclipse-Based Developer Tool." Other award winners included
| EclEmma, Cyrano, Xmind 2008, and MyTourbook.  


Study: Eclipse users find the tools make or save money

,----[ Quote ]
| While Eclipse tools may have first appeared in some companies after
| grass-roots efforts by individual developers working on isolated projects,
| the open-source developer community is now squarely "business-oriented,"
| according to the results of a recent survey released Tuesday.  


Eclipse Aims for Smaller, Faster, Simpler

,----[ Quote ]
| A major overhaul of the Eclipse code base may be a long time off, but it's on
| the minds of some of the leaders of the open-source tools platform.


Linux developers considering move to Eclipse

,----[ Quote ]
| At the recent Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit, it was decided to
| start making Eclipse, the open-source development platform, the Visual
| Studio for Linux.


Eclipse Ships Largest-Ever Release of Leading Open Source Software Development

,----[ Quote ]
| Europa features 21 Eclipse projects for software developers and is more
| than double the size of last year's record-setting release.


Eclipse Community Survey of 2007 Results

,----[ Quote ]
| Organizations are using Eclipse for cross-platform development and
| deployment. On average they have 2.1 development platforms and 2.7 deployment
| platforms for software build using Eclipse. Windows is the most popular
| development platform, with 74% of organizations choosing Windows as their
| primary development platform, followed by Linux at 20%. However, for primary
| deployment platforms, Linux is well represented at 37%, compared with 47% on
| Windows. Given that 72% of respondents are creating server software, this may
| reflect the strength of Linux as a server operating system.      


Can Linux Get a Lift From Eclipse?

,----[ Quote ]
| Eager to shed its reputation as a tool just for Java developers, Eclipse has
| quickly embraced newer languages such as PHP, Python and Ruby—as well as
| older ones like Ada, COBOL and C. But when it comes to enabling native Linux
| development, Eclipse isn’t moving as fast. It’s not uncommon for applications
| originating from Eclipse to target Linux servers...    


Survey: Windows loses ground with developers

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux gaining share as the number of developers targeting Windows falls
| 12 percent, Evans Data says


Developers' use of open source Eclipse doubles

,----[ Quote ]
| The adoption rate of the open source Eclipse integrated development
| environment has more than doubled in the Europe, the Middle East and
| Africa region, industry analysts have revealed.



Developers Embrace Java, Drop Visual Basic

,----[ Quote ]
| Use of Visual Basic has dropped 35% since the spring, says a
| poll of more than 430 North American developers done by research
| company Evans Data.
| [...]
| Developers have abandoned Microsoft's Visual Basic in droves
| during the last six months, and they're using Java more than any
| other development language, according to a recently published
| survey.


Eclipse Is Still Going Strong

,----[ Quote ]
| In the intervening years, the Eclipse open-source development
| platform has grown well beyond the IDE space, branching out into
| areas such as reporting, modeling, AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript
| and XML) development, SOA (service-oriented architecture) tooling,
| RCP (rich-client platform) technology, team development, and
| support for other languages beyond Java.


Eclipse: A Billion-Dollar Baby?

,----[ Quote ]
| "Historically enterprise software has been sold through [a]
| direct salesforce channel. ... We're starting to see success
| in open source software products in areas which have been
| traditionally the realm of the direct salesforce. Those
| environments or those products have very, very low cost of
| sales, so as customers get more used to that, I think that
| over time, there are going to be fewer and fewer software
| salesmen."


Eclipse Adoption on The Rise

,----[ Quote ]
| With the EclipseWorld conference kicking off this week in Boston,
| it would be easy to think the open source Java tools project is
| everywhere.

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