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[News] New SDK for Google's Linux, More Good Applications

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Android 1.1 available for Dev Phones

,----[ Quote ]
| HTC has released a system 1.1 installation for the Android dev phone (ADP1). 
| Ars shows you where you can find a copy and take advantage of peers support 
| for the upgrade.  


Where's Got Everything You Need Right There

,----[ Quote ]
| Where is a location-based application for the Android platform that gives you 
| information on shopping, travel, gas prices, weather and news, just to name a 
| few. It's a well engineered app that has already existed for other platforms 
| and now has been ported to Android.   


Android app remote-controls three robots

,----[ Quote ]
| Surveyor builds a variety of robots that incorporate its open source Surveyor 
| SRV-1 Camera Board and SRV-1 firmware. The latter appears to be based on the 
| uClinux distribution available with the Analog Devices Blackfin BF537 digital 
| signal processor (DSP), along with a Java-based application stack (an 
| alternative build supporting Python is also available).     



Comment: Android beyond the phone

,----[ Quote ]
| Look out, Microsoft, I'm seeing signs that Google's Android could wind up in
| netbooks, digital picture frames and a host of embedded devices as a
| friendly, app-rich face for Linux.
| In this recession-battered economy, designers will turn to open source code
| whenever they can. After all, Windows is often one of the most expensive
| components in a system, prompting some to dub it the Redmond tax.


The Android Developer Experience

,----[ Quote ]
| With the success of the Apple iPhone, a new surge of development
| opportunities has arisen in the consumer mobile computing space. However, due
| to Apple's walled garden approach, some developers have been less compelled
| to spend a lot of time investigating its SDK.


Google’s Android May Challenge Microsoft in Portables

,----[ Quote ]
| Google started Android in 2007 as part of an industry effort to create a free
| software system for phones. Based on the Linux operating system, Android is
| open to any programmer who wants to develop features for it. T-Mobile USA
| Inc., the fourth- biggest wireless carrier in the U.S., offers an Android
| phone called the G1.

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