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[News] eBooks Readers Still All About Linux

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Ebook reader to offer Linux dev platform

,----[ Quote ]
| A Berlin-based start-up called Txtr is readying an ebook reader that boasts 
| an "open architecture" Linux development platform. Like Amazon's Kindle 2, 
| the Txtr Reader offers a 532MHz processor, a 3G connection, a 
| second-generation E Ink grayscale display, and tie-ins to online services.   



Make ebooks pretty with GutenMark

,----[ Quote ]
| Project Gutenberg is a real treasure trove for bookworms and casual readers
| alike, but turning etext files into a readable form is not as easy as it may
| seem. In theory, since etexts are just plain text files, you should be able
| to open and read them on any platform without any tweaking. In practice,
| however, this approach rarely works. Hard line breaks, for example, ruin the
| text flow, making it virtually impossible to read the book on a mobile
| device. Another problem is that most books are stored as single files, so
| locating a particular chapter or section in a lengthy book can quickly become
| a serious nuisance. Then there are minor, but still annoying formatting
| quirks, such as inconsistent handling of italicized text, use of straight
| quotes instead of smart ones, and so on.


Linux dominates in Amazon Kindle competitors

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux runs on the first e-book reader released this year ... and on the
| second ... and the third.


Ultra-light ebook reader runs Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| PDF software company Foxit is readying an electronic book reader that weighs
| 6.4 ounces, measures 0.4 inches thick, and runs Linux. The Foxit eSlick
| offers E Ink's low-power electronic-paper display, ships with an MP3 player,
| and sells for $100 less than an Amazon Kindle.


New eBook Reader Undercuts Kindle, Sony Reader Prices

,----[ Quote ]
| Available in black, gray, or white, the device will have 128MB of internal
| memory, plus USB and an SD Card slot (it'll come with a 2GB card, too).
| Because its screen draws very little power, battery life should be extremely
| long; Foxit says it'll go for 8,000 page turns between recharges; it
| recharges via either USB or an included AC adapter. It uses an embedded Linux
| operating system, too.


10 Linux-powered E-book Readers

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux just keeps popping up on many of the popular gadgets that are hogging
| the limelight nowadays. Some are quite conspicuous about it, like the Android
| phone that is being developed by a group that makes it very obvious, calling
| themselves the Open Handset Alliance. However, there are some that don't
| flaunt Linux around, like the Amazon Kindle. Not that they have to, but well,
| allow me to do it for them here anyway.


Linux Journal Live - eBook Readers and DRM

,----[ Quote ]
| The November 13, 2008 edition of Linux Journal Live! Shawn Powers and special
| guest, Linux Journal Author Daniel Bartholomew, talk e-book readers and
| Daniel's Kindle, DRM, and other goodness.


How Linux (and Ebooks) will save the publishing world!

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux can also help these publications in the server department, on desktops,
| PDA's, mobile devices, cameras, and a wide range of other things.  It'll be
| everywhere, helping them to adapt to this new market and make the move into
| the 21st century of technology.
| With all these wonderful Linux powered devices standing by to help them, it's
| now up to the companies to do the right thing and make the switch.  But when
| and if they do it is another matter entirely.  Then again, if they don't,
| they'll only have themselves to blame for their failure.



Amazon Kindle: A Road Warrior's Best Friend

,----[ Quote ]
| I don't care if print is dead, or if it's just resting a while. What I do
| care about is getting the best, most versatile access to information when and
| where I need it. And for this, I've come to depend on my Amazon Kindle. While
| the rest of the tech world is busy kvetching over the forthcoming second-gen
| Kindle's design aesthetics and its admittedly hefty $359 price tag, I'm
| wondering only one thing: Will it make me want to upgrade?


You ready for Kindle 2.0?

,----[ Quote ]
| The Amazon Kindle book reader appears on the verge of showing off a new
| makeover.


Kindle Sold Out Until February

,----[ Quote ]
| The Kindle has been out for a year, and has been enormously popular, so its
| vanishing makes a degree of sense. But one would figure Amazon understood the
| demand for its product and would stockpile appropriately.

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