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[News] Copyright Cartel Slammed by Academics, Takes Over Korean Internet

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UK Academics Warn Copyright Extension Supporters Not To Fall Back Into The
Evidence-Free Zone

,----[ Quote ]
| The one exception he highlights? Copyright extension in the UK, where the 
| famous Gowers' Report recommended against copyright extension, based on 
| evidence that it would do a lot more harm than good. After the report came 
| out, Gowers actually admitted that the evidence showed that the best economic 
| results would be to make copyright much shorter, but he didn't push that at 
| the time, since the interest was in the other direction. Yet, despite this 
| evidence that copyright extension would basically harm nearly everyone -- 
| including musicians and the public -- some politicians in the UK have been 
| saying it must be done anyway. Yes, the one case where actual economic 
| evidence is being used... and it's being totally ignored.          


[A2k] Korea, Three Strikes Out Provision Passed in the Standing Committee with
Some Changes 

,----[ Quote ]
| On March 3, 2009, the National Assembly's Committee on Culture, Sports, 
| Tourism, Broadcasting & Communications (CCSTB&C) passed  a bill to revise the 
| Copyright Law. The bill includes the so called, "three strikes out" 
| or "graduated response" provision. The basic structure of the three strikes 
| out  provision is the same as that of the bill proposed by the Ministry of 
| Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) in July, 2008     



MPAA Study Links Piracy to Gangs and Terrorists

,----[ Quote ]
| The MPAA funded report report titled ‘Film Piracy, Organized Crime, and
| Terrorism’ claims that terrorist groups use film piracy to finance their
| activities, while organized gangs see it as a significant revenue stream.
| Selling pirated goods is a ‘low-risk, high-profit enterprise’ which attracts
| criminals of all sorts according to the report. And, as if that is not bad
| enough, in some areas the influence of these pirating gangs extends into law
| enforcement and political leaders, who are bought, intimidated, or induced to
| create “protected spaces” where crime flourishes.


MPAA Study Calls For Piracy Patriot Act


Is Nicholas Sarkozy One Strike Towards Losing His Internet Connection?

,----[ Quote ]
| The latest is that French President, Nicholas Sarkozy, a big supporter of
| setting up a three strikes law in France, is being accused of violating
| copyright law himself.

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