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[News] Free Software Programming in Eclipse Targets Mobiles

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Eclipse Pulsar Platform: Uniting Mobile Manufacturers With a Single Development

,----[ Quote ]
| Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation, said that 
| this joint undertaking "is a great example of how open source can foster 
| industry collaborations." It might feel counterintuitive to business models 
| based on trade secrets and closely guarded development practices, but there 
| is great value in sharing information and core tools. Streamlining the 
| development process means developers can bring their applications to more 
| devices and a wider audience -- and device manufacturers gain a competitive 
| advantage when they are able to offer a diverse range of software to 
| consumers -- even if (and perhaps specifically because) the same mobile 
| applications are available on competing devices.         



Eclipse goal to become 'management-aware' in 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| Developers might get the picture, but Eclipse reckons it had better ramp up
| awareness its products among senior management as it moves beyond tools in
| 2009.
| Eclipse Foundation marketing director Ian Skerrett has blogged it's important
| to help senior business and technology executives to understand the
| Foundation as it moves into runtimes.


Eclipse rev's mobile Java IDE

,----[ Quote ]
| The Eclipse Foundation has updated its integrated development environment
| (IDE) for mobile Java application developers. Eclipse Mobile Tools for Java
| (MTJ) 0.9 aims to help developers target specific devices, including Linux
| phones from Motorola, which next month will release Motodev Studio for Java
| 2.0 based on MTJ, the Foundation says.


Enterprises Tap Open Source via Eclipse

,----[ Quote ]
| Enterprise organizations are tapping the benefits not only of using
| open-source software, but of contributing to it by using the Eclipse model.
| The Eclipse Swordfish, Tigerstripe, Open Financial Market Platform and Open
| System Engineering Environment projects are all based on code contributed by
| enterprises that use open-source technology.


Sonatype Joins Eclipse Foundation as Strategic Developer With Seat on Board of

,----[ Quote ]
| Sonatype, the leader in Java development infrastructure, today announced that
| they have joined the Eclipse Foundation as a Strategic Developer. Sonatype
| will now have a seat on the Board of Directors and on the Eclipse Planning
| and Architecture council. Additionally, Sonatype has pledged to commit at
| least eight of their developers full-time to developing Eclipse technology.


Eclipse Ganymede improves SOA tools

,----[ Quote ]
| The Eclipse Foundation has announced the annual release of its open
| development platform. In line with tradition, this package is named Ganymede,
| after one of Jupiter's moons. The last two predecessors were named after
| Callisto and Europa. The new package contains programs from 23 Eclipse
| project teams, with more than 18 million lines of code.


Open Enterprise Interview: Mike Milinkovich

,----[ Quote ]
| The other thing that most people don’t appreciate is that the evolution is
| community driven. The Eclipse Foundation is not a software company that sets
| a strategy and then executes. We rely upon our community members to set the
| direction of the technology. It results in a very organicand dynamic
| environment that is very different from what I have experienced working in a
| corporate setting.



Can Linux Get a Lift From Eclipse?

,----[ Quote ]
| Eager to shed its reputation as a tool just for Java developers, Eclipse has
| quickly embraced newer languages such as PHP, Python and Ruby—as well as
| older ones like Ada, COBOL and C. But when it comes to enabling native Linux
| development, Eclipse isn’t moving as fast. It’s not uncommon for applications
| originating from Eclipse to target Linux servers...

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