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[News] Future of Free Software Business Promoted by the Current Economy

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'Open source' vendors push advantage
,----[ Quote ]
| Ready to get jealous? How would you like to work in an industry that benefits 
| from economic downturns and for companies that see revenue, customer 
| acquisition and budgets grow during these toughest of times?  


Brian Gentile, CEO of Jaspersoft, on Consumerization of Information

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| So, my prediction for the future of open source is that our sons, daughters, 
| nieces and nephews, and what they’re teaching us about how to make web-based 
| software services work for them, will drive the next decade of open source 
| growth. The open source development model is the only way that we’ll enable 
| them to both work in a way that they expect, and to build tomorrow’s 
| innovations quicker than we might ever have imagined.     



Germany Funds Open Source Software

,----[ Quote ]
| [Via Google Translate: The Federal Council decided on 20.2.2009 to the law to
| secure employment and stability in Germany, and approved, paving the way for
| the planned investment made. In the "pact for employment and stability in
| Germany" are also 500 million for activities in the field of information and
| communications technology, whose use by the Federal Government for
| information technology is controlled. Of these 500 million euros 300 million
| immediately available. 200 million euros were fixed by the Budget Committee
| of the German Bundestag pending concrete actions blocked....]


A request to sign the FOSS Manifesto

,----[ Quote ]
| The FOSS Manifesto (see previous post) has finally been put up as an online
| petition. It upon political parties to make FOSS usage and promotion a
| central part of the IT, e-government and education plans in their election
| manifestos.

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