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[News] Patents (Intellectual Monopolies) Can be Murder

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Patents Being Abused To Put Your Life In Danger

,----[ Quote ]
| Bob Austin, who for many years has worked in major metropolitan fire and EMS 
| departments, had the idea of creating an open source medical dispatch system. 
| Such a system would have numerous benefits. Beyond being a free system, it 
| also would allow best practices to easily bubble up in a way that actively 
| would help save lives. If another EMS department could improve on the system, 
| they easily could do so and contribute it back to the community.      
| [...]
| The whole situation is rather sickening, and I'm really hoping that folks 
| here might be able to help see if we can get this project back on track. 
| Priority Dispatch's decision to scare these open source developers into 
| submission for merely offering up a free project to help save lives is really 
| a rather disgusting use of the patent system, and obviously goes against the 
| very purpose of that system: "to promote the progress of science and the 
| useful arts." Instead, such things are being actively stymied in a way that 
| puts all of us at risk.        



Patent system 'stifling science'

,----[ Quote ]
| The traditional view is that strong patent protection stimulates innovation,
| reassuring companies that it is safe to invest in research without fear of
| being stung by rivals.
| [...]
| The full benefits of synthetic biology and nanotechnology will not be
| realised without urgent reforms to encourage sharing of information, they
| say.



Patents Over Patients

,----[ Quote ]
| Potential anticancer drugs should be judged on their scientific merit,
| not on their patentability.


Open Source Pharmaceuticals - New Business Model

,----[ Quote ]
| "Open source" as applied to culture defines a culture in which
| intellectual property is made generally available. Participants
| in such a culture are able to improve and modify those products
| and redistribute them back into the community.


Thailand fed up with high drug prices - minister

,----[ Quote ]
| "We have thought about this for more than five years. It's long enough,"
| said Mongkol na Songkhla, who is leading one of the biggest challenges to
| Big Pharma's patent rights in years.


Biology Goes Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| Some of the world's biggest drug companies are finding that
| their genetic research is worth more to them if they give it away.


Free Software Helps Hospitals Prepare for Mass Casualties

,----[ Quote ]
| Johns Hopkins emergency medicine specialists have developed a tool to help
| hospitals prepare for disasters with the potential to overwhelm services.

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