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[News] Red Hat Grows Almost Bigger Than the SUN

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Is Red Hat ready to overtake Sun?  

,----[ Quote ]
| When the NYSE opened this morning Sun Microsystems, once a titan of the IT 
| industry, had a market capitalisation of $2.94 billion. Red Hat, a relative 
| newcomer representing Linux and open source, on the other hand had a cap of 
| $2.55 billion. What makes this remarkable is that Red Hat had revenues of 
| $627 million in its last financial year while Sun’s topped $13 billion. Which 
| says a great deal about how much faith investors have in Sun’s attempt to 
| re-engineer itself from being a hardware company to being an open source 
| company. It is also a vote of confidence in Red Hat’s Linux strategy which 
| sees its share price now sitting at well over $13 a share.        


Behind Red Hat's Consistency: A Surprising Concentration on Investing

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat may be much better positioned than other public open source companies 
| to benefit from the rebound if it keeps functioning as an investment vehicle 
| in addition to maintaining its core software and support business. On the 
| other hand, it could take a licking from the amount it invests, as Berkshire 
| Hathaway recently has. I'm betting that Jim Whitehurst and company play 
| investments conservatively, and that we may continue to see earnings 
| consistency from Red Hat.      


"Fat operating systems spend most of their energy supporting their own fat."

        --Nicholas Negroponte, MIT Media Lab, rediff.com, Apr 2006


Red Hat bucks the trend

,----[ Quote ]
| At a time when most companies are happy if the balance sheet does not show
| any red ink, Red Hat Linux has bucked the trend. Its stock price leapt 32
| percent last week compared to that a year ago, during a week when technology
| stocks overall fell by 2.6 percent.
| According to information available at Channel Insider, the so-called mixed
| source company, Novell, saw its stock price fall by 11 percent, the biggest
| loser of the week.

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