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[News] More Praises for Dream Linux 3.5

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Dream Linux 3.5 - Results and Summary

,----[ Quote ]
| I've had a few days now to try out Dream Linux on all of my laptops, and the 
| results are interesting, if mixed: 
| - HP 2133 Mini-Note, WXGA (1280x768) Display: This is still the best of the 
| bunch with Dream Linux. It installed smoothly, got the display resolution 
| exactly right on both the LiveCD and after installation, and although it was 
| using the vesa driver rather than the openchrome driver, everything was 
| working ok. I was not able to compile the latest openchrome SVN snapshot, but 
| I was able to copy the driver over from Mandriva 2009.0, and it then worked 
| just fine. The Broadcom Wired Gigabit network and Broadcom 4112 WiFi network 
| both came up just fine.       



Dream Linux 3.5 - An Excellent New Release

,----[ Quote ]
| There are lots of other packages included, of course, some you would expect
| and some you might not. Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice (2.4), Adobe Reader,
| gThumb, Inkscape, Rhythmbox, Totem, CD/DVD burner... all installed and ready
| to go.


DreamLinux 3.5 Desktop Edition

,----[ Quote ]
| DreamLinux Desktop 3.5 Edition was released on March 1st, 2009. The distro
| has experienced some significant changes recently and it really seemed to do
| it for me in the past so i thought I’d give it a try and see what it could
| offer me. The biggest changes to DreamLinux were to the 3.0 version of the
| Linux OS which featured a complete re-design and a totally independent
| architecture called Flexiboost, based on overlaid modules. The main things
| this feature does for users is it allows the co-existence of multiple
| separate window managers, currently Gnome and XFCE. Both of these working
| environments share all applications available on the system.


Linux Distro Review - Dreamlinux 3.5 RC4

,----[ Quote ]
| Dreamlinux is the only distro I know that has Broadcom B43, Madwifi, athkk,
| ath9k, Intel wireless drivers out of the box. Other Debian and Ubuntu based
| distros require you to download to install restricted drivers. Obviously this
| is pointless if you have no wireless internet in the first place. Therefore
| Dreamlinux is excellent for laptop users who only have wireless internet and
| want to run a Linux Live CD. It's also a dream-come-true for Linux beginners
| who don't want to or can't install the drivers.


[Geek Review] Dreamlinux 3.5: Back to the Roots

,----[ Quote ]
| In today’s article we review a fresh version of Dreamlinux, a linux
| distribution that promises to be good-looking, lightweight yet fully
| featured, with useful extras available out of the box - making it an
| attractive package for new users.


Linux from the Amazonas

,----[ Quote ]
| I've heard of Dreamlinux from fellow members at one of the forums I frequent.
| They said it was beautiful, they said it was easy. So I figured, I had to try
| it.
| [...]
| Given the fact that this is a young distro, plus the tested version was only
| the Release Candidate, I foresee a great future ahead. Dreamlinux is going to
| be a superb operating system, it just has to rough some of those beginners'
| edges.


Dreamy Dreamlinux

,----[ Quote ]
| Now that I've tried out this distro, when a non Linux user asks me what
| distribution I recommend they try, I think I'll start suggesting Dreamlinux.
| It is extremely simple, it covers a broad ranges of requirements, and it is a
| beautiful desktop system.


Dreamlinux 3.0 [screenshots]


Review: Dream Linux 3.0  


ReviewLinux.Com: DreamLinux 3.0 in action

,----[ Quote ]
| Quick tour of the latest DreamLinux 3.0 Linux OS. Check out the short flash
| video of DreamLinux 3.0 in action  


Dreamlinux 3.0 Beta 3 Testdrive

,----[ Quote ]
| I know many of you dream of a Linux distribution that combines Mac OS X's
| looks with Linux's power. Now, that dream becomes reality with Dreamlinux, a
| distribution that has under the hood Debian components and pleases the eye of
| the user with Mac-ish eye candy. Dreamlinux is a Brazilian distribution that
| can boot directly into XFCE or GNOME, depending on the user's preferences.    

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