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[News] EBook Power to GNU/Linux, Loads of Audio Production Applications

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Make ebooks pretty with GutenMark

,----[ Quote ]
| Project Gutenberg is a real treasure trove for bookworms and casual readers 
| alike, but turning etext files into a readable form is not as easy as it may 
| seem. In theory, since etexts are just plain text files, you should be able 
| to open and read them on any platform without any tweaking. In practice, 
| however, this approach rarely works. Hard line breaks, for example, ruin the 
| text flow, making it virtually impossible to read the book on a mobile 
| device. Another problem is that most books are stored as single files, so 
| locating a particular chapter or section in a lengthy book can quickly become  
| a serious nuisance. Then there are minor, but still annoying formatting 
| quirks, such as inconsistent handling of italicized text, use of straight 
| quotes instead of smart ones, and so on.          


29 Music-making Apps for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Last week we looked at why Linux deserves some consideration when choosing an 
| operating system for your digital recording studio. But even the worthiest 
| operating system is useless without useable apps.  
| [...]
| Most of the programs are available free of charge, and in general are of 
| higher quality than the free audio apps for Windows we looked at a few weeks 
| ago. So without further ado, here are 29 music making applications for Linux.  



energyXT2: Low-Cost Plug-in, Sequencer, DAW, for Windows and Now Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| The $75 app energyXT2 starts out sounding similar to other music apps --
| but after a long list of twists, seems anything but. It's a DAW. It's 
| a sequencer. It's an audio multitracker. (Okay, not so interesting so far
| ...) It's a synth. It's a sampler. It's a drum machine. It's a looper.
| It runs as a host. It runs in a plug-in. Now it runs on Linux -- making
| it perhaps the first significant music creation app to do a 
| commercial, out-of-box release for the penguin. It's got a modular 
| engine underneath.


Getting My Kicks On Route 64

,----[ Quote ]
| More users are jumping on the 64-bit bandwagon, and the 64Studio
| developers are doing their best to make the ride as smooth as possible.
| Bumps may occur, and users experiencing problems with the system can
| reach Daniel and Free via the active 64Studio mail-list. If you own a
| 64-bit (AMD or Intel) machine and want to know how it handles
| contemporary Linux sound and music software, check out 64Studio,
| it's Da 64-bit Bomb.


Review of dyne:bolic 2.4.2

,----[ Quote ]
| Conclusion
| Man, I wish I had this 10 years ago when I was recording and
| playing music full time. This is a great system packed with
| very handy software that can easily cost you several thousand
| dollars of outboard gear to replace.

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