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[News] Privacy is Still Possible (e.g. with Free Software)

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7 Ways to Stop Uncle Sam from Spying On You

,----[ Quote ]
| You say you have no secrets. Your life's an open book. You have nothing to 
| hide. But still, do you really want to make it easy for Uncle Sam -- or 
| anyone else for that matter -- to rifle through your contact lists, read your 
| e-mails or monitor your cash flow?   
| Probably not.
| But privacy advocates say it's never been easier for the government to 
| collect information about you.  



40 Open Source Tools for Protecting Your Privacy

,----[ Quote ]
| We've included projects aimed at all three groups in our list of 40 open
| source tools for protecting your privacy. So whether you're Joe Schmo or
| James Bond, a geek or just paranoid, you're sure to find at least a couple of
| apps on our list that can help you keep your personal data secret.


GNU/Linux free software tools to preserve your online privacy, anonymity and

,----[ Quote ]
| The second piece of shocking information was a report in the New York Times
| of a leaked document that the USA and the the European Union were proposing
| to exchange information with each other on their citizens. Allowing this to
| happen would be like putting Count Dracula in charge of a blood bank. They
| will of course plead effusively (a) good intentions and (b) make extravagant
| claims for built-in safeguards. Well, the latter is about as useful as a
| chocolate teapot. Heard it all before—along with fairy tales from my mother
| and father about the tooth fairy and Santa. Inevitably, they also plead cruel
| necessity but those words have been on the lips of all tyrants since time
| immemorial. When they start forming on the lips of “democratic” governments
| and politicians then it really is time to consider what must be done.
| As the average politician’s knowledge of science and information technology
| is smaller than Planck’s Constant we should not be surprised at such poor
| understanding and lax control.


E P I C   A l e r t

Table of Contents
[1] Facebook Reverses Terms of Service on Eve of EPIC Complaint
[2] Federal Court Upholds Opt-In Privacy Rule for Telephone Services
[3] Trade Commission Issues Guidelines for Behavioral Advertising
[4] Homeland Security Appoints New Chief Privacy Officer
[5] Final Medical Privacy Rules Adopted in Congress
[6] News in Brief
[7] EPIC Bookstore: "In Confidence"
[8] Upcoming Conferences and Events
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EU data protection authority confirms privacy threat in "Telecoms Package"

,----[ Quote ]
| The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) released his opinion on the
| current state of the Telecoms Package. His views on the ePrivacy directive
| confirms La Quadrature's analysis: If nothing is done, article 6.6(a) will
| allow any company to collect and process traffic data from any Internet user,
| for an undetermined period of time. This disposition is harmful and
| unacceptable. MEPs must react by strongly reaffirming citizens' right to
| privacy and the interests of society as a whole during the second reading of
| the package.



,----[ Quote ]
| NO2ID has been warning since 2006/7 about the stated intentions of
| government "to overcome current barriers to information sharing within the
| public sector" [1]. Now the Ministry of Justice has launched an extraordinary
| coup. It is about to convert the Data Protection Act into its exact opposite,
| a means for any government department to obtain and use any information
| however it likes.
| [...]
| With support for the ID scheme crumbling, even in the Home Office's own
| skewed polls - the last of which showed a 5% drop [4] - trust in the
| government's handling of our personal information is at an all-time low.

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