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[News] The Copyrights Cartel Continues to Die for Failing to Evolve

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Big Music Will Surrender, But Not Until At Least 2011

,----[ Quote ]
| His response: It’s all part of a master plan. The labels fully understand 
| that recorded music, streamed or downloaded, is going to be free in the 
| future (we’ve argued this relentlessly). CD sales continue to decline by 20% 
| per year, and the only thing that’ll stop that trend is when those sales 
| reach zero. Nothing will replace those revenues.    


Sita Sings the Blues is finally free!

,----[ Quote ]
| After years of wrangling, Nina Paley's acclaimed, brilliant short film, Sita 
| Sings the Blues is finally available as a free, open-licensed downloads. 
| Paley spent a shocking amount of time and money fighting over the copyrights 
| to the 1920s jazz music that is integral to the film (some have likened it to 
| Betty Boop in Bollywood, which is catchy, but fails to capture the 
| fantasticness of the film), Paley's finally secured a license that allows her 
| to distribute the whole movie, for free, forever, under a remix-friendly 
| license.        


"Hey, Steve, just because you broke into Xerox’s store before I did and took
the TV doesn’t mean I can’t go in later and steal the stereo."

                                        --Bill Gates, Microsoft


MPAA Study Links Piracy to Gangs and Terrorists

,----[ Quote ]
| The MPAA funded report report titled ‘Film Piracy, Organized Crime, and
| Terrorism’ claims that terrorist groups use film piracy to finance their
| activities, while organized gangs see it as a significant revenue stream.
| Selling pirated goods is a ‘low-risk, high-profit enterprise’ which attracts
| criminals of all sorts according to the report. And, as if that is not bad
| enough, in some areas the influence of these pirating gangs extends into law
| enforcement and political leaders, who are bought, intimidated, or induced to
| create “protected spaces” where crime flourishes.


MPAA Study Calls For Piracy Patriot Act


Is Nicholas Sarkozy One Strike Towards Losing His Internet Connection?

,----[ Quote ]
| The latest is that French President, Nicholas Sarkozy, a big supporter of
| setting up a three strikes law in France, is being accused of violating
| copyright law himself.


British Government Violates Copyright

,----[ Quote ]
| As much as I utterly despise the entire premise of Intellectual Monopoly,
| this is about violating the principles of a Free License, and if it's good
| enough for the British government to violate our civil rights in the name of
| Intellectual Monopoly, then it's good enough for the Free World to protect
| its "property" (in fact Freedom) too…


US presidential candidate is a pirate

,----[ Quote ]
| THE PRESUMED Republican US presidential candidate John McCain favours
| draconian copyright enforcement, except when his own election campaign uses
| other people's music.

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