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[News] Ubuntu GNU/Linux Compared to Its Roots

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Ubuntu is based on Debian unstable

,----[ Quote ]
| Debian is well known and regarded as a product, the Debian system itself. In 
| addition to this end product, the Debian community produces a variety of 
| useful by-products. One of the most celebrated is Debian “unstable”, which 
| despite its unglamorous name is an incredible achievement. It represents the 
| collective work of a vast number of developers, who package and maintain 
| essentially all of the free software available.     



First Look: Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope

,----[ Quote ]
| As long as the issues with the graphics drivers are ironed out, I believe
| Jaunty Jackalope will become another must-have upgrade and if you are smart
| and install using EXT4, you will see some very real performance increases for
| very little effort.


Looking at Lenny: hands on with Debian 5.0

,----[ Quote ]
| The Debian development community has officially released version 5.0 of the
| venerable open source Linux distribution. The new version, which is codenamed
| Lenny, includes updated software, security enhancements, and improved 
| hardware 
| support.
| Debian is known for its broad architecture support, lengthy development
| cycles, and strong ideological commitment to software freedom. Debian 
| provides the foundation for many popular derivatives, including Ubuntu and 
| Knoppix. The Debian project has attracted an enormous community of free 
| software enthusiasts and has become one of the largest community-driven 
| distributions in existence. Despite its declining relevance on the desktop, 
| it is an essential part of the Linux software ecosystem and continues to 
| serve an important function for its downstream partners.
| [...]
| All things considered, this is a pretty good Debian release. It seems to live
| up to the distro's long-standing tradition of delivering solid reliability,
| and it introduces some nice improvements that will be appreciated by Debian
| aficionados.


Debian 5's Five Best Features

,----[ Quote ]
| Despite delays and internal arguments, Debian 5, Lenny, has finally arrived,
| and it's a darn nice Linux distribution.
| You don't have to take my word for it. Consider what Warren Woodford, the
| well-regarded Linux developer, who uses Debian for the foundation of his
| SimplyMEPIS Linux distribution, has to say. Woodford, who switched MEPIS'
| cornerstone distribution from Ubuntu to Debian in 2007, said, "Behind the
| scenes, MEPIS is being used more and more in demanding environments, so I was
| happy the Debian teams decided to use the hardening features in gcc to
| increase the security of Debian in Lenny."


Debian GNU/Linux 5.0: Screenshots

,----[ Quote ]
| Debian GNU/Linux 5.0, codenamed "Lenny", was released over the weekend; in
| this gallery we take you through the install process and basic desktop
| functions.


Debian Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| I haven't tried plain Debian in years, though I've used derivatives, such as
| Knoppix and (K)Ubuntu recently.  I am pretty impressed.


The Secret Lives of Ubuntu and Debian Users

,----[ Quote ]
| Popularity-contest reports four main statistics for each package: The number
| of installations, the number of hosts on which the program in the last 30
| days (or Votes, as the package calls this statistic), the number of hosts on
| which the program was not used in the last 30 days (or "Old"), and the number
| of hosts on which the package was upgraded ("Recent").


How does Ubuntu Linux differ from Debian?

,----[ Quote ]
| Bring up the topic of Ubuntu and you'll receive a mixed response from
| unexpected corners. No, it's not the Windows brigade, but the Debian crowd.
| So just how does Ubuntu differ from Debian to inflame such passion?

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