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[News] Review and Success Story with Qimo GNU/Linux (for Children)

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Qimo, Linux 4 Kids

,----[ Quote ]
| I really like Qimo as a project; it has the interests of children at heart 
| and particular those who might be disadvantaged in some way, so it's worthy 
| of support for those reasons alone.  


Tykes Need Linux Too

,----[ Quote ]
| In our efforts to get GNU/Linux-based computers into the hands of students, 
| we find that the majority of our machines are going to kids from ages 10-16. 
| That's an accurate age demographic for those who receive what we give. In 
| most cases, the child has already been exposed to a Windows machine but oddly 
| enough, bears almost none of the hesitancy to learn a new system.    
| Much unlike their parents. ("Can't you just make it LOOK like Windows?")
| Yes I can.
| No I won't.
| Lately we've received a larger number of requests where the children in the 
| family are younger than the usual requester. Our first install this Saturday 
| morning was no exception to that influx.  



Giving kids a fresh start with Qimo Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Taking advantage of that concept is Qimo, a desktop operating system geared
| toward kids that is based on the Ubuntu distribution of Linux. Developed by a
| husband-and-wife team Brian and Michelle Hall, Qimo was released in
| mid-February.


Linux Monday: Distributions Cool and Minty

,----[ Quote ]
| This week on Linux Monday, let's look at two Ubuntu-based distributions that
| are designed to make things easy. One's for kids, and one does a little more
| of the setup work for you.
| We start with the cool as in Qimo, which presumably is pronounced as in
| es-Qimo, based on the friendly Inuit-looking fellow on the default wallpaper.

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