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[News] GNU/Linux Saves Old PCs from Windows Bloat

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Resurrect your old PC

,----[ Quote ]
| Rather than throw old hardware away because it can't cope with Vista's bloat, 
| we show you how to put it to good use - read on to learn how to transform 
| your old computer into a mail server, a fileserver, a web server, a spam 
| blocker, a PC for kids and more!   
| [...]
| The test rig used for testing most of the software we will discuss is 
| actually slightly lower spec, it has a 700MHz Celeron processor, because 
| that's what I found in the pile of computer gear I never throw away in my 
| loft, right next to my faithful old - but non-functioning - Amiga 4000.   



Linux Monday: Pushing the envelope on old gear

,----[ Quote ]
| Old computers are less than a dime a dozen—-literally. I pick them up for
| free, either through a wonderful group called Freecycle or literally off the
| street. I live in a college town and at moving time, that old desktop from
| freshman year isn't worth packing. So some local geek like me comes along and
| turns it into a Linux box. (I have yet to have achieve my dream of someone
| actually paying me to take one away.) Or, if it's really old, I strip it for
| the usable parts.
| [...]
| There's a few specialty Linux distributions geared toward low-low end
| machines. Puppy Linux, for example, will run on a 166MHz processor and 128MB
| of memory. Damn Small Linux takes that even lower--a 486 processor and 8 MB
| of RAM. Given the lower specs, and the fact that I preferred the mild
| profanity name to the cutesy name, I started with DSL. The download was also
| damn small, a mere 50 meg. I though for a moment I'd lost my connection, but
| no, it was done.



A first look at DeLi Linux 0.7.2, a distribution for very old computers

,----[ Quote ]
| The installed Firefox version performed rather well on my ancient
| laptop, much better than expected. It is recommended that your
| machine have at least 32 MB RAM before attempting to use it.


DeLi Linux 0.7.2 [Released]

,----[ Quote ]
| DeLi Linux 0.7.2 is out... DeLi Linux stands for "Desktop Light" Linux.
| It is a Linux Distribution for old computers, from 486 to Pentium II or so.


Review of Damn Small Linux 3.2

,----[ Quote ]
| Under the hood, DSL features the 2.4.26 kernel compiled with SMP support.
| The system had no trouble recognizing the hardware on our test laptop
| and booted to the desktop in around 30 seconds. DSL is committed to
| remaining useable on older hardware. In fact the minimum system
| requirements for this distro are just a 486DX with 16MB of Ram.

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