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[News] GNU/Linux Occupies Laptop and Works Like a Charm

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The Frugal Laptop

,----[ Quote ]
| I simply wiped the entire hard drive on the old laptop and installed Ubuntu 
| on it. Ubuntu is a very user-friendly flavor of Linux that is arguably easier 
| to install than Windows and runs very well on older hardware (not ancient 
| hardware, just older hardware). All I had to do was burn an Ubuntu CD on my 
| desktop machine, install it on the laptop, plug in my network cable on the 
| laptop, and have Ubuntu update itself to all of the latest software and 
| drivers. Boom - everything works like a charm, from the sound to the 
| wireless. It took me about two hours, all told, and most of that time was 
| simply waiting, meaning I walked away and did other things while things got 
| set up.         



Hotrod Your Asus Laptop With 64-bit Kubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| After about a week of evaluation, I'd say that if you need a new laptop, you
| can't go wrong by teaming up the latest version of Kubuntu and the Asus
| X83-VM. The fit and finish is great. It's light and has a bright 14 inch
| screen. Kubuntu has done a great job with the desktop applications and
| hardware recognition.

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