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[News] Videos from DEFCON, GNU/Linux at CeBIT 2009

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DEFCON 16 Audio, Video, and Slides Now Available

,----[ Quote ]
| The DEFCON organizers made the audio, video, and slides available for DEFCON 
| 16 via RSS feeds. There were alot of interesting talks this year including 
|     * David Maynor & Robert Graham’s “Bringing Sexy Back: Breaking in with 
|     Style” where they discuss turning Hollywood-fiction attacks into reality 


Governance with FOSSology and FOSSBazaar: Rights and Licensing 

,----[ Quote ]
| At CeBIT Open Source 2009 Martin Michlmayr, past Debian project lead, 
| presented his current projects FOSSology and FOSSBazaar, and spoke about the 
| role his employer Hewlett-Packard is giving him in the governance project and 
| how the FOSSBazaar work group is organized within the Linux Foundation.    


CeBIT 2009: OpenStreetMap Wins Two Linux New Media Awards 

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux New Media AG has presented its annual awards for outstanding 
| contributions to Open Source at CeBIT 2009 in Hannover. The OpenStreetMap 
| project ended up garnering two of the six Linux New Media awards.   



The FOSDEM Diary 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| FOSDEM - a geek trip to Brussels. Going abroad to experience different
| cultures. Or at least, a chance to eat chips, suffer rain, and watch American
| TV in a different country.


SCALE 7x - One Week Later

,----[ Quote ]
| The seventh iteration of the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE 7x) was
| held the weekend of February 20th 2009 in Los Angeles. SCALE is an annual
| conference that has several tracks and has special tracks on Friday. Along
| with the program tracks, there is an extensive vendor Expo Floor, which
| includes a Org Pavilion containing several free software organizations. The
| special tracks on Friday were the Open Source Software in Education, Women in
| Open Source, and SCALE University run by the League of Professional System
| Administrators (LOPSA).


FSF annual meeting -- Libre Planet 2009 conference

,----[ Quote ]
| LibrePlanet will cover a range of free software activism topics, with an Open
| Space style effort to make progress on engineering for Free Network Services
| and the High Priority Software Projects.  The event will be held at the
| Harvard Science Center, Cambridge, MA on March 21st and 22nd, 2009.

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