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[News] Myth Busting: GNU/Linux All About GUIs

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Linux : the cool factor - part 2

,----[ Quote ]
| GUI for everything
| While it may seem of no use learning the command line. In these days with 
| gui's for everything, where there's no reason for everyday users, even in 
| linux, to use the command line.  
| The moment you get over the point where it feels natural to use, you'll feel 
| it's power. Then you'll understand why it's cool. If you know what you can do 
| and at what speed, you'll clearly understand it's a small effort to learn 
| using the command line.   



MS wins Big Brother award for Linux spam atrocity

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft Austria has collected the top prize in the Community category of
| the Austrian Big Brother Awards. The prize, a tacky looking robot thing which
| can be viewed here, was given for the company's activities in spamming
| Austrian Linux users with questionnaires. Microsoft Austria recruited G3 GMBH
| to handle the mailing. This outfit seems to have helped itself to the email
| addresses of Austrian users registered with the Linux Counter and then sent
| them the questionnaire, which asked about their views on the software
| industry, about Linux, and about their employment. This was in breach of the
| Linux Counter's copyright and terms of use, which specifically bar use of the
| data for mass mailings.

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