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[News] Business for Free Software is Rising

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Tightening purse strings will turn many businesses on to Open Source Software

,----[ Quote ]
| In January, Adobe announced 600 redundancies, citing weaker-than-expected 
| demand for its Creative Suite 4. While it may be that the credit crunch has 
| stopped existing users upgrading or new users from buying, I think we may be 
| seeing the software bubble about to burst.   
| The software bubble occurs when software suppliers that continually introduce 
| new versions find customers choose not to upgrade. Most suppliers are in a 
| similar situation. Microsoft has found that many Windows users are happy to 
| stick with earlier versions of Windows such as XP instead of moving to Vista.    


Small firms can benefit from open source

,----[ Quote ]
| Ahead of the first-ever Open Source Software (OSS) BarCamp event, which will 
| take place on 28 March in Dublin, chief-organiser Laura Czajkowski has said 
| that small-to-medium businesses have much to gain from open source, even if 
| it is just to realise that there are alternatives out there.   
| “Most businesses won’t even have heard of open-source software in a context 
| they think applies to them, and think that Microsoft is really all there is. 

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