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[News] EDN Editor Sick of Windows, Wants Free Software and Standards

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Freeing My Email: Open Source And Industry Standard As A Matter Of Course

,----[ Quote ]
| Part of my motivation to 'jump ship', I admit, is also a 'freedom of 
| information' matter of principle. Microsoft made it hard enough to extract 
| calendar and contacts data from Outlook, as my previous writeups have 
| exemplified, but migrating stored emails elsewhere (heaven forbid, to a 
| standard format like mbox) is darn near impossible without hefty third-party 
| assistance.     



AP dumps Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| Until now AP used Microsoft's MSN media player to distribute videos. Vole
| flogged ads alongside the material, sharing the revenue with AP.


All Russian Schools to Use Free Software

,----[ Quote ]
| I've often lamented how few schools in the UK use free software, and how
| difficult it is to break the lock that Microsoft has on the entire
| educational system. The pathetic state here is highlighted by contrast with
| Russia, which is making amazing strides in rolling out open source to
| schools.


Washington DC latest to drop Microsoft for web apps

,----[ Quote ]
| Washington D.C. has joined 500,000+ businesses and organizations in moving
| its communication and productivity tools into the cloud. Vivek Kundra, CTO
| for the District, signed an agreement with Google to migrate the
| organization's 38,000 employees to Google Apps, the search giant's web-based
| offering of communication and productivity tools. Washington D.C. is a
| not-insignificant win for Google, and yet another blow to Microsoft's
| incumbent Office suite, as a surge of web apps steadily replaces their
| desktop counterparts.

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