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[News] IBM Bullish on Its Investment in GNU/Linux

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IBM talks smart software and open source

,----[ Quote ]
| CeBit 2009 Linux business "worthwhile"
| [...]
| "Middleware is the segment in which we are investing significantly," said 
| Jette, adding that he believed open source was the key and saying 
| IBM's "strategy is open systems". Jette emphasised it was IBM who had given 
| Linux a significant push and noted: "the Linux business case has definitely 
| been worthwhile".    



Beyond Ubuntu, IBM considers other Virtual Desktop environments

,----[ Quote ]
| With the economy squeezing IT budgets, IBM hopes that the recently unveiled
| Virtual Desktop solution for Ubuntu Linux will be followed by similar company
| announcements for other Linux distributions, an IBM official told BetaNews.


Imagine a Microsoft-Free Life

,----[ Quote ]
| As part of the announcement, Big Blue also claimed that in a likely
| configuration -- a full Linux suite that included Lotus Notes e-mail,
| Sametime instant messaging, and some other collaboration tools -- the entire
| set-up would cost just $258 per user -- and that's not including the labor
| and maintenance savings that would come from shifting processing from the PC
| to the server in the network settings where this product is targeted to be
| sold. That's hundreds of dollars less than a comparable Vista/Office license.


IBM wants clients to ditch Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| TEAMING UP WITH Virtual Bridges and Ubuntu provider Canonical, IBM has
| started offering a virtual desktop package with three software components all
| sitting on one corporate server, which the firm hopes will lure customers
| away from Microsoft.


IBM takes on VMware virtual desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| IBM is taking on VMware's virtual desktop infrastructure with its own Linux
| and Lotus-based virtual desktop.


IBM and Ubuntu team up for "Microsoft-free" desktops

,----[ Quote ]
| A new project spearheaded by IBM aims to convince companies to
| run "Microsoft-free" virtual desktops.
| Big Blue is partnering with Ubuntu distributor, Canonical, and virtual
| desktop firm Virtual Bridges to deliver an all-in-one package for companies.


IBM Virtual Desktop Bundles Lotus, Ubuntu Linux to Freeze Out Microsoft


Would you buy a Microsoft-less desktop?

,----[ Quote ]
| At the same time, because it's Linux-based, this do-it-all business desktop
| would also be cheaper to administer since almost all of the security risks
| from viruses and malware disappear along with Windows. Any fair comparison
| between one of these Linux desktops and its Windows equivalent will show that
| the Linux system will be cheaper to buy in the first place and to maintain.


Of Kids and Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| LinuxWorld is planning a good old-fashioned install-fest for their San
| Francisco conference. And if you have an old PC or can bluff your way through
| an Ubuntu install, you're invited to participate. More information at
| Untangle's site, who is sponsoring the event.
| [...]
| It's a good time to be bringing it up, because IBM has announced a stronger
| push for Linux PCs.
| Now, certainly, I'm not one of those prophets who go around predicting "the
| year of Linux on the desktop". There is no such animal. That isn't how open
| source grows. Open source grows slowly, a step at a time. But inevitably.
| Once a person has seen Linux for themselves, they are cured forever of the
| FUD spread about it. One by one, household by household. And most certainly
| generation by generation.


IBM launching a platform for SMB opportunity

,----[ Quote ]
| It runs on Linux and encompasses everything an SMB would need from an IT
| perspective, including e-mail and collaboration with Lotus Notes and Domino,
| file management, directory services, back-up and recovery, firewall,
| anti-virus, anti-spam and the Lotus Symphony office suite.
| “We've completely masked all the administration complexity usually associated
| with these systems so its transparent to the SMB,” said Sean Poulley,
| vice-president of online collaboration services on the IBM software
| group. “What we've also done is completely masked Linux from the end user,
| and if you don't think that's possible you've never used TiVo.”


Microsoft: NetBooks Affecting Windows Revenue

,----[ Quote ]
| Matt Rosoff, an analyst with Kirkland, Wash.-based research firm Directions
| On Microsoft, said one area of concern for Microsoft is the falling
| percentage of premium priced versions of Windows versus non-premium versions,
| which could be the result of more people buying NetBooks.


IBM to offer Linux machines

,----[ Quote ]
| The machines, it was announced, will come with Red Hat's Linux distro, and
| will come pre-loaded with software from IBM, including its Lotus Symphony  
| suite.


IBM, allies offer Microsoft-free PCs for E.Europe

,----[ Quote ]
| International Business Machines Corp (IBM.N: Quote, Profile, Research) said
| it was offering the PCs based on the open-source Linux operating system
| together with Red Hat (RHT.N: Quote, Profile, Research) software distributor
| VDEL of Austria and Polish distributor and services firm LX Polska in
| response to demand from Russian IT chiefs.    

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