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[News] MAFIAA Finally Adapts to New Distribution Models

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YouTube Wants to Kill MTV Once and For All

,----[ Quote ]
| Universal Music Group and YouTube want to change all that. The two media 
| giants are working on a deal that would launch a YouTube sister site that 
| would be a music video cornucopia, according to sources cited by CNET.   


No Doubt Gives Its Music Away, Sort Of

,----[ Quote ]
| In a further sign that some in the music industry are caving into the file 
| sharing credo "music is free," No Doubt is giving away its entire music 
| catalog as part of a promotion for its 2009 Summer tour.  
| To qualify for the music giveaway, you must spend $15 to become a member of 
| No Doubt's Tour Club (space is limited). As part of this exclusive club you 
| get the chance to buy up to 4 "prime tickets," to the summer tour, and as an 
| added bonus, tour club members get to download the band's entire digital 
| audio catalog once per ticket purchased. The download also includes their new 
| cover version of the Adam and Ants' "Stand and Deliver".     


Uni computer lecturer makes YouTube his classroom

,----[ Quote ]
| A computer science lecturer at the University of NSW, who has pioneered the 
| use of YouTube at Australian universities, is offering high school students 
| the chance to get started on their computing degrees early.  



Microsoft Using YouTube To Promote Vista & Live, Leaves Comments Open

,----[ Quote ]
| The more interesting aspect is that Microsoft would use the Google owned 
| YouTube for such as promotion; it certainly demonstrates just how powerful 
| the market position of YouTube has become over the last 2 years that 
| Microsoft would use it to promote their products.   

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