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[News] Guardian on Free Software in Government

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Can we build a world with open source?

,----[ Quote ]
| Vinay Gupta is a Scottish-Indian engineer who designs low-cost homes for poor 
| parts of the world or disaster zones, and then makes them freely available on 
| the internet so others can do the building. His flagship is the Hexayurt 
| shelter system, which costs around $200 (£142). It uses common building 
| materials, including insulation boards - which, he claims, are a third of the 
| cost of a tent. The business plan is to cut the price of essential goods and 
| services to the point where the poor can afford them. Gupta is just one 
| example of a global movement that offers an alternative to the scandalous 
| tales of banking avarice that have saturated the world's media.        
| [...]
| Open source is on a roll and the interesting thing is that it is now 
| expanding into hardware. The global recession, coinciding with an 
| unprecedented expansion of social networks ought to give it a big boost and 
| turn the new model into a global force. If you fancy an open source mobile 
| phone try Openmoko.com. Want to be part of an open source project building a 
| different kind of car? Look at theoscarproject.org.      



Let's Use Stimulus to Boost Open Source in Schools

,----[ Quote ]
| Obama wants stimulus to transform schools. Linux, anyone?
| Without squabbling over the politics of what the new US president wants for
| our educational system, the fact of the matter is he now has access to
| enormous spending power to potentially improve what schools’ financial
| resources.

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