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[News] New Federal CTO Pressured to Choose Open Source Software

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Rod Johnson On Federal CTO: Promote Open Opportunity

,----[ Quote ]
| "Whatever the federal Chief Technology Officer's agenda, Mr. President, think 
| big." That was the advice that a group of commercial CIOs, CTOs, and major 
| technology company CEOs offered the president on the task before the 
| soon-to-be-appointed U.S. chief of technology. Open source developer Rod 
| Johnson had another bit of advice: Support open opportunity.    
| Like many of his fellow CIOs, CTOs, and CEOs, Rod Johnson, CEO of 
| SpringSource and lead developer on the Spring project, considered the role of  
| a federal CTO as supplying leadership to achieve better value for the 
| taxpayer's dollar, greater transparency in government and a national strategy 
| on information that includes national security.    


Understanding what it is to be open source.

,----[ Quote ]
| First and foremost, I think it is best to understand that open source does 
| not mean anti-Microsoft. It also does not mean Linux. Although the latter is 
| licensed under an open source license (GPLv2). If you pay careful attention 
| there are numerous open source projects such as Mozilla Firefox, MySQL, 
| Apache Server, GIMP, etc. that are available on a wide range of operating 
| platforms including Microsoft Windows.     
| [...]
| Second, open source does not mean free. Free software is another category and 
| depending on the licenses used can determine how free an open source 
| application is. When it comes to free software there is a saying: “Free as in 
| speech, not as in free beer.” I would delve more deeply into this topic but 
| it is one meant for another posting.    



ConsultationXML is now Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| We’re terribly, fantastically pleased to announce that after a bit of
| wrangling, Steph Gray and I are able to release ConsultationXML as open
| source software under the GNU Affero license. The recent report on open
| source software in Government hinted that departments ought to try to release
| source code for the software they commission, and we’re delighted to be (we
| think!) the first to do so.


The great British open-source arms race

,----[ Quote ]
| Politicians of all stripes seem to be espousing open source, but that bluster
| must be turned into action — and soon, says Mark Taylor.
| First, shadow chancellor George Osborne advocates open source. Now minister
| for digital engagement Tom Watson promises to use more open-source software,
| if circumstances permit. The UK public sector just got interesting again.

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