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[News] Red Hat's Kernel Mode-setting Coming Along Nicely

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Red Hat's Plymouth Sees New Work

,----[ Quote ]
| Not a lot of work has gone into Red Hat's Plymouth project since the release 
| of Fedora 10, but now in the middle of the development cycle of Fedora 11 we 
| are seeing some new work emerge. Plymouth is a boot splash program that 
| leverages kernel mode-setting to provide a rich, flicker-free boot 
| experience. In the past week there have been a fair number of commits to the 
| Plymouth Git repository, which is the first time it has seen new work since 
| early January.      



The State of Kernel Mode-Setting

,----[ Quote ]
| All of the kernel-based mode-setting excitement in Fedora 9 was limited to
| those using Intel's integrated graphics hardware. With Fedora 10 not only can
| Intel users benefit but so can those with ATI Radeon hardware. Jerome Glisse
| has been working on Radeon kernel mode-setting code since December of last
| year, and in recent months David Airlie and Adam Jackson have joined in on
| this work. For those using an ATI R300 GPU to R500 will have kernel-based
| mode-setting support enabled by default in this next Fedora release. A few
| months back AMD had released a new AtomBIOS parser to the open-source
| community, which is being used for the KMS driver and should enter the
| mainline Linux kernel -- likely with Linux 2.6.28.


A Preview Of Kernel-Based Mode-Setting

,----[ Quote ]
| Kernel-based mode-setting is a great advancement for Linux and X.Org with it
| being a feature that delivers noticeable benefits to the end-user -- a
| cleaner flicker-free boot process, fast and reliable VT switching, improved
| suspend-and-resume support, and soon enough will be making
| fast-user-switching even faster. This is just the tip of the iceberg and more
| benefits, such as graphical diagnostic capabilities, should be able to
| flourish as a result of kernel-based mode-setting.      

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