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[News] Alcatel-Lucent Chooses GNU/Linux for New Product

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Alcatel-Lucent launches unified communications support for videoconferencing,

,----[ Quote ]
| The support for smartphones and videoconferencing comes in addition to 
| previous support from Alcatel-Lucent for unifying voice, messaging, fax 
| services and Web services, Alcatel said in a statement. The OmniTouch 8400 
| suite is based on Linux, which Alcatel said will help businesses trying to 
| integrate it with existing business applications.    



Alcatel-Lucent Adds Laptop Disk-Encryption Support

,----[ Quote ]
| The 3500 is a PCMCIA card, running Linux, equipped with its own battery and
| an integrated 3G modem and GPS. It acts as both a 3G card and a network card,
| terminating VPN traffic from the laptop and storing encryption keys and other
| information.


Alcatel-Lucent to integrate Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Realtime

,----[ Quote ]
| The collaboration supports Alcatel-Lucent's Dynamic Enterprise commitment to
| interconnecting people, networks, process and knowledge in a flexible, open
| environment while helping Red Hat expand its business.


Red Hat, Alcatel-Lucent join forces on unified comms

,----[ Quote ]
| Alcatel-Lucent SME products include the OmniPCX Office line of IP PBX systems
| and the Extended Communication Server line of collaboration and
| unified-communications servers, all of which are based on Linux
| distributions.


Alcatel-Lucent speeds up laptop security

,----[ Quote ]
| The NLG is a PCMCIA card with an embedded Linux operating system. It slots
| into a notebook and provides a range of features to help IT departments
| remotely secure, monitor, manage and locate mobile computers over 3G and
| protect the data if the device is lost or stolen.


Aternity Joins Red Hat ISV Partner Program

,----[ Quote ]
| By joining the Red Hat ISV Partner Program and the Red Hat Ready Partner
| Program, Aternity will take advantage of the program's co-marketing and
| co-branding offerings to further its footprint among the global community of
| Red Hat Enterprise Linux customers.    


Alcatel-Lucent locks down laptops

,----[ Quote ]
| Running an embedded Linux OS enables third parties to develop software to
|            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| utilise the capabilities of the PCMCIA card or to interoperate with the
| management gateway.  


Alcatel-Lucent 'Guardian' Locks Up Your Data  

,----[ Quote ]
| The Guardian is a Linux-based notebook PC card loaded with security
| software that checks against a remote server to validate that the
| notebook hasn't been reported lost or stolen.
| [...]
| Skuler declined to comment on which particular vendor of version of
| Linux Alcatel-Lucent was running on the card other than to say it's
| from a major Linux vendor.


NEC shows off Linux mobile phones

,----[ Quote ]
| NEC has thrown its weight behind mobile Linux with the introduction of four
| handsets based on the LiMo specification.
| [...]
| Among NEC's new phones is the N905i, a 3G/GSM phone with HSDPA for data
| connectivity, mobile TV reception, GPS and support for wireless payment
| services.  


Alcatel-Lucent says $1.5 billion not enough from Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| Alcatel-Lucent said in a court filing that $1.5 billion is not
| enough to properly compensate it for Microsoft Corp.'s infringement
| of two digital audio patents.


Microsoft to pay Alcatel-Lucent $500M for patents

,----[ Quote ]
| A U.S. District Court judge in Los Angeles has ruled that Microsoft Corp. 
| will have to pay Alcatel-Lucent more than $500 million for infringing on two 
| patents.  
| One patent covers how software users to fill out forms. The other is related 
| to the use of a stylus on a tablet computer. 

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