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Re: [News] OIN Scolds Microsoft for Being a Bully Like SCO

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

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> The Beat Of The TomTom, Pt. 2
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | When I spoke to Keith Bergelt of the Open Invention Network, he was far
> | more directly critical: "The message that Microsoft has been putting out
> | over the last year to 18 months, thanks to their presence in open source
> | forums and Sam Ramji, is that a lot of that effort is not more than
> | rhetoric, and that their behaviors are the same. The inclusion of
> | patents and the targeting of Linux, whether it's by design or not, is
> | provocative.
> | 
> | "And it's unfortunate, because any of the work they were doing to
> | develop a better manner of comportment and integration within the
> | community will be for naught. It also solidifies the resolve of the
> | community to support Linux users and the rights of them to use Lx.
> | Irrespective of whether TomTom has other [patent] issues, this is a
> | separate action. This action, by dragging in those Linux-targeting
> | patents, is just more of Microsoft being Microsoft, and underscores how
> | far they still have to go to be accepted by the open source community."
> `----
> http://www.informationweek.com/blog/main/archives/2009/02

The best form of self defense is to attack.
If I were at Tom Tom HQ running the show, I'd put out the most
robust response to micoshaft and that is to fund the development
of free EXT2 file system drivers for windopws, Linux, appil, embedded
systems and release it free to developers so that they will NEVER have a
need for micoshaft products. Ask manufacturers and customers to stop
supporting micoshaft products so that any future income they are going
to get from asserting software patents will be more than negated
by the loss in volume of micoshaft supported products.
And then tell the rest of the world how they too should put out
robust attack response by making conversion software products
that drive customers away from micoshaft products actively
and into Linux domain so that micoshaft looses its volumes.

Take particular notes of where its volumes are and attack those
directly with a patent suit if you must.

Make sure it is the robost response the micoshaft least likes
in the way of an attack by talking to industry and deciding what is
best to target micoshfat volumes.

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