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[News] Copyrights Cartel Gone Too Far

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Electronic Books and the Myth of Ownership

,----[ Quote ]
| Some details have leaked out about the impending Google book store.  Richard 
| Sarnoff, chairman of the Association of American Publishers identified some 
| of the restrictions publishers are placing on electronic content.  One is 
| that all purchases will stay on Google's servers with bits and pieces 
| transmitted to the reader.  Obviously the publishers are a paranoid bunch 
| concerned about piracy.  The lesson of the music industry is not lost on 
| them.  Access to books will exist as long as Google supports the book store.  
| If Google abandons the market the purchases go bye-bye.  That should be a 
| real incentive for the masses to buy electronic books readable on cell phones 
| and portable computers.  Google gets something out of this as well.  A Google 
| ID is required to access the electronic library.  That means opportunities to 
| introduce people to Google Apps, Gmail, Chrome, and other Google services.             


Neil Young (And Warner Music) Should Learn To Respect YouTube... And Music Fans

,----[ Quote ]
| After Warner Music got greedy and demanded money from YouTube that the 
| company is under no legal obligation to pay (safe harbors, people), Google 
| and YouTube demonstrated to Warner Music how little leverage the record label 
| has by taking down all Warner Music videos. This is making plenty of Warner 
| musicians quite angry with Warner Music for pissing off their fans and in 
| some cases breaking the artists' own websites.      


The Pirate Bay - Innocent or Guilty?

,----[ Quote ]
| After two weeks of live broadcasted hearings on the Internet, the ‘Spectrial’ 
| is coming to an end. This week both parties presented their closing 
| statements to the court. Time for us to weigh up developments so far and look 
| forward to the verdict.   
| king kong defenseYesterday the prosecutor called for jailtime, while the 
| prosecution presented its closing statements. Today the defense had its say 
| and the trial officially ended.  



UK.gov 'to create anti-net piracy agency'

,----[ Quote ]
| Following its failure to foster voluntary solution between ISPs and rights
| holders, the government will create a new agency and regulations to clamp
| down on copyright infringement via peer-to-peer networks, it's reported
| today.
| A proposal for a body called the Rights Agency will be at the centre of
| anti-internet piracy measures, according to the Financial Times, which cited
| sources who had read a draft of Lord Carter's report on Digital Britain. The
| Rights Agency will be introduced alongside a new code of practice for ISPs
| and rights holders, to be overseen by Ofcom, according to the leaked draft.
| The final report is due out by the end of this month.


Jono Bacon announces CC-licensed book project

,----[ Quote ]
| Bacon says that the book, which is called Art of Community, will cover a wide
| range community-related topics, including governance, promotion, and conflict
| resolution. It will also provide real-world anecdotes to provide greater
| insight into the subject area. He aims to have the book on shelves this
| Summer and will also make it broadly available on the Internet. He plans to
| document the process and provide ongoing updates at a new web site that he
| created for the project.
| "This book is much more than merely a textbook on building a compelling
| community. I believe that we learn how to build strong community through the
| exchange of stories and experiences," he wrote in a blog entry. "The Art Of
| Community is a compendium of stories, anecdotes and experiences inside and
| outside the Open Source world."

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