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[News] ODF Makes New Big Steps

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Thirty years old and still no Tom-Tom…

,----[ Quote ]
| ODF 1.2 is well underway. The arrival of a flurry of new members inside the 
| ODF Technical Committee who have illustrated themselves as proponents of 
| OOXML is a bit fun to watch I must say. But I have to command the general 
| serenity of the Committee and its chairs, Rob Weir and Michael Brauer for 
| their quiet and effective management of the proceedings. I think the only 
| thing that is to be hoped for is that we can finish the completion of this 
| ODF sub-version. Also, and of some interest, I can only recommend the reading 
| of the archives of the Committee’s discussions online where interesting 
| concepts on extensions and conformance are being discussed.        


ODF Alliance offers recommendations to Obama administration

,----[ Quote ]
| Following on the heels of yesterday’s set of open standards recommendations 
| to the Obama administration by the Information Society Project at Yale Law 
| School, the Open Document Format Alliance has offered its own recommendations 
| in the area of open standards for document formats.    


- From the Statute of Frauds to WYSIWYS: Document Format Implications

,----[ Quote ]
| For editable formats like ODF, I think it points out the need to describe a 
| formal content model that describes the semantic content of a document, aside 
| from its formatting and layout. So text + lists + tables + headers + footers 
| + footnotes + images + captions, etc. Visual appearance is nice to have as 
| well, but it is less robust when rendered on different devices, different 
| operating systems, and is less likely to be robust when rendered on 
| OpenOffice 10.0 in 2015. But the equivalence of the semantic content of an 
| unextended ODF document should provide the same ability to have an accurate 
| and reliable record in an electronic document as we have had traditionally 
| with paper and ink.         


Low-Fat ODF

,----[ Quote ]
| The proper pace to address these points is in the conformance clause of the 
| ODF Standard. To that end, the current draft of ODF 1.2 defines two 
| conformance classes, one for extended documents and one for unextended 
| documents. The aim, in the end, is to give the consumer greater control and 
| allow them to make a more intelligent choice. We can't force vendors to 
| implement one or the other conformance class. And we can't force consumers to 
| use one or the other. But we can formally define what an extended document is 
| and let the free market operate based on the additional information made 
| available.        


Teen winner of computer literacy contest 

,----[ Quote ]
| Siti Nadia Radhuan, of Kolej Matrikulasi Pahang(KMP), won the Category IV of 
| the 2008 Open Document Format Olympiad, a competition that tested the 
| students' proficiency in the use of computers.  



ODF Spreadsheet Interoperability: Theory and Practice

,----[ Quote ]
| This is a follow up to some work we did at the ODF Interoperability Workshop
| in Beijing last November. We had good participation there: IBM, Sun, Google,
| Novell and Redflag from the big vendor side, as well as a good number of
| users. It was a full-day workshop and we covered a number of topics. One of
| them was spreadsheet formulas. I gave a short presentation on spreadsheet
| interoperability, specifically on the work we've done on OpenFormula for ODF
| 1.2. We also did a short exercise to look for spreadsheet formula bugs.


Microsoft hijacking ODF: the freedom to embrace and extend

,----[ Quote ]
| Doug Mahugh of Microsoft is pushing inside the ODF Technical Committee for
| proprietary extensions, by which the monopolist vendor could embrace and
| extend the format to "innovate". The extensions possibility is the door open
| to proprietary closed source parts, that renders the ODF customer a Microsoft
| slave once again like in the good old times of the .DOC.

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