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[News] Ubuntu GNU/Linux Beats Windows in More Than One Area

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Hive Five Winner for Best Home Server Software: Ubuntu Server Edition

,----[ Quote ]
| It was certainly a neck and neck race to the finish line for last week's Hive 
| Five. Competing for the title of best home server software, Ubuntu Server 
| Edition and Windows Home Server nearly tied with just a fraction of a percent 
| giving Ubuntu the edge—only a 29 vote lead! Following in a distant third 
| place was FreeNAS, a rock solid operating system for network attached storage 
| but definitely underpowered in the broader spectrum of home server 
| capabilities.      


Memo to Mark Shuttleworth: Don’t Settle for Ubuntu Linux Desktops

,----[ Quote ]
| Dear Mark: You’ve made Ubuntu the most popular Linux distribution on 
| desktops. You’ve established a footprint on notebooks and netbooks. But a lot 
| of people wonder why you’re marching Canonical — and Ubuntu — in new 
| directions like the server. Don’t listen to your critics. Keep marching 
| upward.     



What They're Using: Michael Anti and His Eee PC

,----[ Quote ]
| Michael Anti is an engineer and journalist whose work has appeared in the New
| York Times, Huaxia Times, 21st Century World Herald, Washington Post,
| Southern Metropolis Daily and Far and Wide Journal. He has been a researcher,
| a columnist, a reporter, a war correspondent in Baghdad (in 2003) and more—
| and achieved notoriety in 2005 when Microsoft deleted his blog. Today, he is
| best known for his landmark work on press freedom in China—efforts that have
| earned him a Wolfson press fellowship at Cambridge University and Nieman
| Fellowship at Harvard University.
| It was at a Harvard meeting where I noticed that Michael was using an ASUS
| Eee PC, with exceptional ease and enthusiasm. Turns out, it's one he bought
| from Amazon. It came new with Knoppix, but then he "cracked" it to do more
| than ASUS expects of ordinary users (for example, expanding windows to a full
| screen). I was impressed by how rapidly he typed on the keyboard.

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