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[News] GNU/Linux Captures New Fans

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Linux For Computer Science Majors

,----[ Quote ]
| I’ve had Linux installed as my primary OS for about 3 years, and as a 
| computer science major, it’s certainly my environment of choice.  Not only 
| does Linux deliver a rich desktop environment, but also the command-line and 
| its vast number of utilities are indespensible for any sort of development.  
| It still suprises me, then, when I see other CS majors at my university who 
| are so unfamiliar with Linux, and who cringe when any programming assignment 
| requires Linux for one reason or another.      


Tell Them It’s Linux!!

,----[ Quote ]
| I found it amusing that most people thought KDE 4 was Windows 7 but hardly 
| that surprising if I’m honest. I wouldn’t expect most people in the general 
| public to know the difference and why should they? This was obviously meant 
| just as a joke and that’s all very well but as I watched one thought screamed 
| louder and louder inside my head, “for god’s sake tell them it’s Linux!!!”. I 
| know this wasn’t a Linux advocacy project and I don’t even know if these guys 
| care at all about open source, it’s up to them but they could have said just 
| one word to these people after showing them the software. A little word 
| beginning with “L” and ending in “x”. As I watched these people looking at 
| Amarok and saying “oh wow, is this included?” I got more and more irate.          



Is computer science dead?

,----[ Quote ]
| The university offers a general IT overview in the first year of
| its technology degree, branching into business analysis, software
| development, system administration and computer science. There
| are 40 students in computer science, down from 200 15 years ago.

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