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[News] Portuguese/Microsoft Corruption (FOSS Exclusion) Reported to EU Commission

  • Subject: [News] Portuguese/Microsoft Corruption (FOSS Exclusion) Reported to EU Commission
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 05 Mar 2009 01:14:26 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Portuguese open sourcers decry MS-only gov eProcurement

,----[ Quote ]
| Portuguese open sourcers are a bit miffed that a government "eProcurement" 
| platform offers "conditioned access to bid at a public tender", viz: If 
| you're not running Microsoft software you're not tendering for anything.  


Microsoft's cronies seem to be making their moves (Microsoft appointed some
last year):

EU ends full-time monitoring of Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| The EU executive appointed computer science professor Neil Barrett in 2005 to 
| assess data provided by Microsoft — documents that he later judged 
| as "unusable" as a manual for software engineers.  


EC retires the Microsoft watchdog

,----[ Quote ]
| The European Commission has relaxed the requirements of the 2004 anti-trust 
| order against Microsoft - the software giant no longer needs its behaviour 
| watched by a full-time “monitoring trustee”.  



Steve Ballmer Gets the Egg-Treatment in Budapest


Pity the Poor Classmate PC'd Children of Portugal

,----[ Quote ]
| Combine that complete outsourcing of computer systems evaluation with silence
| on the financial terms of the deal and I'm thinking there is a deal in the
| works - cheap Classmates now for lucrative future government orders.
| Shady deals being a hallmark of Classmate sales to date.


Open source tour of Europe: Portugal

,----[ Quote ]
| Many of the country’s open source projects to date are in the education
| sector, triggered by the government’s five-year agreement with Sun, signed in
| 2004, to provide open source technologies – including Linux and
| OpenOffice.org/StarOffice – to Portuguese secondary schools.
| More recently the Associação Ensino Livre (Association for Free Education)
| was founded to increase the use of open source software in education, while
| the Education Ministry launched a new website designed to promote open source
| usage.
| Outside the education sector, the Institute of Technology is migrating to
| OpenOffice, the Ministry of Justice has used an open source system based on
| JBoss, PostgreSQL and Linux for the dissemination of information on
| referendum results and the Ministry of Internal Affairs used JBoss to create
| a new traffic fines management system.


OpenOffice.org being distributed to Portuguese schools

,----[ Quote ]
| I was just made aware of this Portuguese blog entry. CDs including
| OpenOffice.org will be distributed to Portuguese schools again. Great news!


Portuguese Schools Learn About Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| As Microsoft understands - and as Apple first learned - if you get them
| young, you've pretty much got them forever. So it's good to see efforts being
| made to spread the open source word in the educational world, like this new
| effort by the Portuguese Ministry of Eduction...  


,----[ Quote ]
| In my country (Portugal) we have a very similar deal, available to all
| students and teachers in high school, which is subsidized by the
| cellphone/mobile ISP companies, the government and probably Microsoft, where
| you can get a laptop for 150 euros with a contract for 2 years for the mobile
| internet access with a nice discount from the usual monthly fees, from
| several well known laptop manufacturers (HP, Toshiba), and pretty decent
| machines also (Core Duo, 1 Gb RAM, the only downside is they all have
| integrated graphics cards), of course they all come with Windows Vista Home
| Premium as well.          


IBM is still locked out of the Portuguese OOXML meeting

,----[ Quote ]
| In spite of various communications, we [IBM] are still locked out and will
| not be allowed to participate. Microsoft will be there, as well as a special
| Microsoft guest, as will various Microsoft business partners, and others.  


Portugal: Votes Yes with Comments on OOXML

,----[ Quote ]
| Commitee presided over by Microsoft decides in it's favor 13-7:
| It's with much disgust that I see that after an initial membership controlled
| by Microsoft of 7 to 1, it was only possible to add the participation of 12
| more entities, 6 in favor of open standards, and 6 in favor of Microsoft.  
| If from the the first meeting it was clear that there was a favorable support
| for Microsoft of 7 to 1, the voting just an hour ago of YES WITH COMMENTS is
| sadly revealing.  


Portugal's ISO says no room for IBM & Sun in the room ! ?

,----[ Quote ]
| [PJ: OpenXML.info is reporting (in Portuguese, but a Groklaw member
| translates for us) that the person who is head of the ISO technical committee
| about to vote on Microsoft's Ecma-376 wouldn't let IBM and Sun
| representatives in, claiming there was no room! This, if true, is ridiculous.
| And  here is a second source reporting the same thing, also in Portuguese. So
| in the US, we hear reports of packing the TC. Now, it's weeding out those who
| are not likely to vote a certain way desired? Is this how standards
| get "approved"? I don't recall ODF having to play such games. Here is the
| rough translation:]        
| Portugal, and more concretely, its national organization of certification IPQ
| is a member "O" (observator) of ISO/IEC for the voting of OOXML (ISO DIS
| 29500).  
| WARNING: the first meeting of the Technical Commission "Language for document
| definition" was on Monday 16 of July. The vote was delayed. Representatives
| of IBM and Sun were not allowed to attend because there "was no available
| space in the room"  
| Dear G [Sun Microsystems] due of restricted number of members of the CT
| (Commissao Tecnica) that can attend the scheduled meeting room to host the
| meeting, we cannot, in this stage, accept your proposal of integration of the
| CT.  
| With my best regards,
| D [Microsoft as president of the Technical Commission]


,----[ Quote ]
|     * More details are emerging from Portugal regarding the kerfuffle there
|     over Ecma-376. If you read Portuguese, here you go -- just click on the
|     link. I asked a Groklaw member to do a rough translation, and if you see
|     ways to improve it, sing out, but it gives a bit of the history of how
|     this committee that has no room for Sun or IBM (see previous News Picks
|     item) was formed and how it happened to choose a Microsoft representative
|     to be president of the committee that decides whether to "approve"
|     Microsoft's submission as a "standard". Unless I'm missing something, it
|     appears to have been set up so Microsoft can "approve" itself. Now that's
|     handy. Here's the translation of the part about how Microsoft is
|     represented on this committeee with no room for IBM or Sun:]          
|       I was present on the meeting of the Technical Commission (CT) created
|       to award the ISO standards in the area of structured documents (in
|       Portugal)  
|       A Technical Commission (CT) did not exist when ISO 26300 (Open
|       Document) was submitted neither when there was a submission of OOXML
|       (ECMA 376, potential ISO 29500) for the the fast track, and that was
|       the reason why Portugal did not submit any opinion nor had any right to
|       vote. We expect that now, with the pressure made and the CT created
|       there would be right to vote.    
|       The CT was created by the Computing Institute, in which is delegated
|       the responsability for the norms of the IT sector; a delegation granted
|       by the Portuguese Institute of Quality (IPQ), the point of contact of
|       ISO in Portugal. Its creation is motivated mainly by the pressures and
|       availability of some people when the proposal for fast tracking of
|       OOXML and a neccessity to avail now the OOXML as standard ISO and as a
|       Portuguese National Standard      
|       In the meeting they were present:
|     * 2 persons from II (Instituto de Informatica [Computing Institute])
|     * 1 person from the local government (Alentejo region)
|     * 1 person from Jurinfor [Jurinfor is a Microsoft partner]
|     * 2 persons from Microsoft
|     * 1 person from Primavera [Primavera is a Microsoft partner]
|     * 1 person from ISCTE
|     * 2 persons from Assoft [reportedly, most members of ASSOFT are Microsoft
|     partners]
|     * 1 person from the Inst. Informatica da Seg Social [Computing Institute
|     of the Social Welfare Department]
|     * 1 person from the Inst. Tecn. Informacao da Justiça (eu) [Technical
|     Institute Information of Justice (eu)]
| The meeting dealt basically with the bureaucracy details of the creation of
| the CT. It didn't go into details of OOXML; that discussion will be held in
| the next meeting, on July 16th about 14:30 in the II [Instituto de
| Informatica, I assume]  
| The CT, thus, was composed of 8 vocal elements, one representative for each
| of the organizations present. The II [Instituto de Informatica] is arranging
| and hosting the initiative and is a not-named representative.  
| The 8 vocals will readily follow to the election of the president of the CT.
| There was 1 candidate in the place (Miguel Sales Dias, from Microsoft). I did
| not present my candidature but made myself available in case the rest of
| representatives deemed it neccesary -- informed not adequate since to begin
| with, as a member of the OpenDocument Alliance, I had a conflict of interest.    
| The vote results were 7 votes in favor of Miguel Sales Dias, of Microsoft,
| who was designated to preside over the CT, and a (1) blank vote.
| It was decided to adopt consensus as the form of adoption of any proposed
| norm, following to majority vote in case there is no consensus in the CT and
| if there is a strong opposition to submit any norm.  
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