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[News] ODF Connects Many Office Suites, Microsoft Fails to Integrate

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ODF Spreadsheet Interoperability: Theory and Practice

,----[ Quote ]
| This is a follow up to some work we did at the ODF Interoperability Workshop 
| in Beijing last November. We had good participation there: IBM, Sun, Google, 
| Novell and Redflag from the big vendor side, as well as a good number of 
| users. It was a full-day workshop and we covered a number of topics. One of 
| them was spreadsheet formulas. I gave a short presentation on spreadsheet 
| interoperability, specifically on the work we've done on OpenFormula for ODF 
| 1.2. We also did a short exercise to look for spreadsheet formula bugs.      


Transparency and dependability for external partners

,----[ Quote ]
| As a consultant, it happens frequently to answer questions about “what makes 
| open source better”. Not only for some adopter, but for companies and 
| integrators that form a large network ecosystem, that (up to now) had only 
| proprietary software vendors as source of software and technology. Many IT 
| projects had to “integrate” and create workarounds for bugs in proprietary 
| components, because no feedback on status was available. Mary Jo Foley writes 
| on the lack of feedback to beta testers from Microsoft...     



Microsoft hijacking ODF: the freedom to embrace and extend

,----[ Quote ]
| Doug Mahugh of Microsoft is pushing inside the ODF Technical Committee for
| proprietary extensions, by which the monopolist vendor could embrace and
| extend the format to "innovate". The extensions possibility is the door open
| to proprietary closed source parts, that renders the ODF customer a Microsoft
| slave once again like in the good old times of the .DOC.

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